Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Call!

Our time in Germany may have been brief, but we did find Maria a pretty dress when we walked around Triberg.

I still remember the sales clerk explaining how easy it would be to adjust the fit as she grows, so that her dress could last through a few seasons. And, since she has grown a lot since last autumn, I did have to add some elastic to the waist, and adjust the straps. It was an easy fix and in a few minutes we were ready to attend the last biergarten party of the year: Octoberfest! The first biergarten party we attended was last June. Where have the days months gone?

We carried over a basket of fresh baked pumpkin muffins, and oatmeal cookies. Once we arrived, we helped round-up the chickens in Michal and Helen's yard. Michael F. gave Maria a scooper full of scratch to give to the good chickens once they were safely herded back in to their coop. It's fun arriving early, helping with the set up, and watching all the guests arrive.

Since Michal and Helen, and Michael F. and Patricia are such generous hosts, and marvelous cooks, there were plenty of delicious dishes to line up for, and because it was a potluck the variety was wonderful too.

I realize that as the weather changes parties out of doors lose some appeal, but I sure am going to miss these biergarten gatherings. Our friends have a gift for bringing together a lot of interesting and friendly guests, so the parties are great. Hopefully movie nights will hold us over until we all meet again in the garden.

Games too?!
Oh yes... fun ones like horseshoes, and gravel-in-the-cup, and hammer and nail, which is played with a hammer and a nail, and a scrap of wood. Maria gave it her all. Geoff did too. The least number of hits to get the nail down was four. Geoff got the nail in with four hits, so did another friend. And some took more hits, way more hits!, which only added to the amusement and entertainment. I think Michael has some experience in timing this game... he brought it out after guests had plenty of time to sample the good beers on hand.

It has been noted that even half-way through October we can be out in shirtsleeves, that there is still plenty of green grass, the trees are leafy. It was fortunate timing for the last garden party of the year, though it's been drizzling most of the week, it stopped for the party, and resumed in earnest by the end of the day. More rain is in our forecast, but that's not saying much. The grass will stay green, and we will still find days warm enough to leave sweaters in the closet. So, if you are ever considering So Cal in October, be assured: It is a lovely time of year, mostly.


Rois said...

Why, oh Why was I not blessed with a girl child to dress is in darling story book clothes?! I love my boys but little girls in cute dresses still make me want just one more child.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Rois... I know, right? I didn't know, or at least I did not want to believe I was missing something, but the blessing is undeniable and wonderful: Cute dresses, accessories, girly-ness... it really is fun. I am lucky to have this time.

Miriam said...

When I was about 8 my dad went to Germany for business and brought me home a pair of leather liederhosen. They were grey with dark green piping. Boy, did I love those shorty pants with a bib! My saddest day was the day I tore a hole in the seat with a nail - I like to think the liederhosen saved my bum.

I like Maria's tights almost as much as I like her dress!

Tracy said...

That is the CUTEST little dress... Marie looks so pretty--like from a page our of "Heidi"! And just love Alex's look of waistcoat & bow tie--had to say, very smart look for a very smart young man! Thank you for all the family goodness here, Natalie... Happy Days to you all :o) ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

You and your family have such a GREAT life! So many fun times with family and friends. I wish I lived around the corner...