Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy (Belated*) Birthday

Yesterday was a bit of a party... or at least we played like it was party time. First with play dough that Maria was aching to make with me. And then with a couple of new toys I have been saving for Marissa and Dominic.
(tee hee :: My own children know full well how excited I have been about this.)

Obviously, I remembered to bring out the camera... yay!
How about a little photopalooza?

Happy Birthday Marissa!
Happy Birthday Dominic!
Aunty sure did have fun!

*I am not an altruist. I believe I've got the regard and devotion parts going on, but I must confess my selfless component is sorely lacking. This defect in my character is plainly evident when it comes to Dominic and Marissa's birthdays. I find them toys, totally awesome ones, if I may say, and I buy the toys, and then... and then I cannot stand to miss the party, to skip the part where I see their eyes pop out, watch them hug the package, maybe squeal. I don't want to be hundreds of miles away when they play, discover, uncover, and delight in the new toy. I even like the part where they move on to a another interest, or when the gift suddenly becomes frustrating or boring... I simply love sharing in their whole experience.

So. Yes, I did stash their totally awesome gifts, knowing they were due for a visit soon. And yes, this is an embarrassing and selfish admission. Look away! I am not worthy!


mtnchild said...

You are to worthy! What Auntie gets in there and plays with the kids and their fantastic new toys? By taking part you make the gifts extra special.

judy in ky said...

You are worthy.. you are worthy... you are worthy. Keep repeating that to yourself. You love to share in their fun... and you share it with us. That's many times the fun!
By the way, I love your multi-colored chairs.

Candylei said...

I love your stitched banner with the redwork! I linked over from Rosie Posie and I'm so glad I did. I like toys, too, and that is probably why I paint like I do. Your family is beautiful!

Rois said...

Have you ever made Slime using Corn Starch and Water? Kids big and small love it.To make it all you need to do is put about a cup of corn starch in a bowl or container then add enough water to make a gravy like mixture.As the kids play with it the texture will change and thicken which is part of the fun.
The slime will start to set up after awhile so it dose not keep but it is so much fun.And it dose not stain clothing,any Slime that hits anything will just dry up and just brush off easily.
I love toys too and miss having a young enough kid to buy them for. I still fondly gaze at the racks of Hotwheels remembering buying them for our boys as a bribe for being good in the store.

Kara said...

Years ago, a friend of mine told me about his theory that EVERYONE is selfish, that nothing is done entirely for others. I always think about that one..... at the minimum, you can always take it down to "it makes me feel good to do something for someone else" and even that provides a (selfish) benefit to the do-er. Not that it is bad to be selfish, just more self-aware to admit that we ALL are! :)

warren said...

Awesome! But have green grass? And you don't need a sweatshirt to be outside? Not fair!

Anyhow, still an awesome party!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Warren... now you know: SO CAL in October, the vacation destination.

Kara... I agree with your friend, and I could never deny the pleasure I derive from doing something for someone else, so if that is "selfish", then I am guilty! tee hee

Rois... Geoff taught me about corn starch slime when we were in high school... I never looked at our kitchen supplies the same again... who knew such magical powers were sitting there waiting to be played with?! Everyone should play with corn starch and water at least once a year, and pass along the fun and discovery!

Candylei... so glad you came by Chickenblog! Welcome. I stitched the hen and vines, and my talented sister-in-law turned it in to a banner for me... she used digital magic to "stitch" Chicken blog in red floss! Thank you for your sweet comment, and I hope to see you around here again soon.

Yvette, and Judy... you dear friends! I do earn a bit if guilt for being a goofy aunt, but holding back those gifts was so totally worth it! I have had a lot of fun watching my nephew and niece play with and share their new goodies all weekend. Gee... makes it tempting to do the same at Christmas! No. No... that goes too far!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Natalie!

The kids were having a ball! I simply cannot get over just how big little Maria is getting. I love checking in on you and kids. Enjoy most lovely week.:o)