Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Thanks~ Item One~Max is Home

He is home from camp.

What I know:
~He and I attended the same sixth grade camp, thirty one years apart.
~They did tell stories, although not necessarily ghost stories.
~The food was only "okay."
~The cold was not as much of a concern as I had feared. "There were more times when it was too hot, than too cold."
~His favorite part was the all day hike.
~He slept well.

What he wanted most of all was lunch, and his kitty. And yes, Ferris did look much bigger.

Seeing that he was more interested in decompressing than pouring his heart out, I went straight to the most telling question I could think of: "Would you do it again? Would you go back."

Unequivocally, most assuredly, he replied: "No."

Max is home.


Lesley said...

And that is one extremely happy Ferris!
Lovely to have the family complete again. I miss that, now two have grown up and left!

mtnchild said...

He may not want to go back, but he did go. And it sounds like he had a good time none the less. Ferris sure is happy to have Max home again - like you're not!!

He sure is growing up, both Max and Ferris.

Laura Jane said...

I have never seen Max look so happy!

And I could just FEEL Ferris purring like thunder. And marking HIS boy. Mine, he's MY BOY. Such joy on each of their faces at reunion.

Oh, I'm all overcome!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I love that you ladies can see the LOVE. These two are sharing a special bond.

Jennifer said...

It's all right there, so beautifully and perfectly. Home, reunited, successful, but HOME. And so clearly these two were meant for each other....