Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Socked Out

Sometimes Ferris gets in trouble, like when he attacks Benjamin, or when he prowls across the kitchen counter in search of asparagus. When he gets in trouble, Maria likes to give him a time out. His punishment is time locked in the garage. One thing I've noticed is that Ferris doesn't protest his punishment like he did when he was new to the Bird House. In fact, he seems happy with his lot.

Poor-poor Kitty. All alone in the big garage, where it is dark, and quiet, and...

I heard someone distinctly meow "And turn out the light when you leave, please."


  1. Punish a cat?? are you joking! They are opportunists. They just get comfy and sleep in peace. LOL

  2. We can learn a lot from cats about the important things in life...

  3. Ha! He looks so very content! Dear Ferris! you can teach those humans something!

  4. Cats always find the most comfortable space!

  5. I love it SO much when my cat curls up in the cutest, funniest places!!!

  6. So, do we all agree? A nap in a basket of clean laundry is more luxury than punishment? Smart little kitty indeed.

    And hello Rebekka Seale: Thank you for visiting Chickenblog. I hope to see you again soon!

  7. my, that is a lot of white socks. :)

  8. Amy... Geoff gets nervous if he sees fewer than three hundred pair, more or less.
    I gave up sorting-folding-distributing, so this new closet is awesome... they grab
    what they need!


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