Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweetie Pies

Making my Monday brighter, Dominic and Maria.

Alison sent this gem from my brother's mobile.

Makes me wanna write to Santa.

Dear Santa,
Another year is winding down, and our thoughts turn to home and family, the hope of peace and love for all. We will certainly put up a tree, and fashion it with lights and things that sparkle. My own reflections turn more and more to our traditions and blessings... and so, if anyone should ask:
What would you like for Christmas? I would reply: My greatest desire is to have more time with family, and friends. I do not need, or want for things, thank you. I would love to see my brothers and sisters, my parents, and their parents. I want cousins to play together, to sing. I look forward to constructing gingerbread cottages, and the Advent, the counting of days filled with anticipation. If we could all be closer, as close as I feel in my heart... then that would be a very good gift.

More time with these sweet pies, what could be more delightful?


Anonymous said...

Love this! They're too cute. I rarely see my nieces and nephew. I'm in MI they are AZ and there will be a new niece soon in GA.Sigh, who knows when I'll meet her? Any way my point is that my heart aches for our family to be together too. Looking back on my fondest holiday memories it certainly was NOT the gifts that made them lovely, it was the time together and the memories we created. I hope you get your christmas wish!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It so hard, isn't it?
I never imagined I would be so far apart from my brother's children... from any of my family. Well, I hope you get to meet your new niece very soon.
And may we all have more time with our loved ones!

Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

they are so adorable!