Monday, October 25, 2010

Wrapping Up A Halloween Passed

Step in to my time machine! Fasten your seat belt, sit back, while I turn the dial to October 2003.

It was my intention to post these party pictures about seven years ago. Better late than never?

Welcome to our Pirate-themed Halloween party. We were still packing up El Rancho, and before moving in to the TreeHouse we invited friends over for a night of laughs and silliness. That's me, the pirate wench, and Geoff was… ready for this? a software pirate!

Hey! Here come Linda and Jeff! Cody and Lucas too.
Mmmmm and look at those scrumptious caramel apples!
Let them in, let them in!

Oh gosh. Do I know these people? Just kidding. This interesting bunch is Maddie, Dan, Nate, Lydia and Janice aka Dr. Atkins: Got Meat? Nate can't find his dog.

Has anyone seen a small, tan dog? Anyone?

Tom and Karen came, gorgeous couple, and so did Kelsey and Serena.

Hi Kelsey!
Hi Serena!

Two pirates: Holly the swashbuckling lady-pirate, and Geoff, the software peddling pirate! Ooh arggh!

Geoff and Jeff.

Anna Pirate Banana, and Max. Oh my gosh, my little Max. He's all bones.

Rich and Holly were there, and that's Nick, the dinosaur… dragon?

Belinda, Ron, Spencer and Titus were there, as were Josie, Jamie and their three boys, Nicholas, Zachary, and Joshua. Adam was being elusive. Maybe you can spot Captain Jack Sparrow. You have heard of him?

Also not pictured: The children that set stuff on fire in the back yard. Oh my.

Everyone split in to teams for a Mummy Wrap game. Cheapie fun with TP.
This is Team Dan. Lydia and Nate are competing against the other teams to wrap their mummy in a roll of TP the fastest.

Team Janice looks confident. Maddie is ready to wrap her mummy!

The wizarding team of Alex and Geoff. Can they magically wrap up the competition?

Team Tom seems to be going for many hands make light work. Lucas, Spencer, Kelsey, Cody, and Serena on the job!


Another team: I see Jacob and Jamie, and is that Zachary? wrapping Nicholas? They are looking organized, like a precision team. The wizarding team is getting help from Ron. They have a good start.

Team Tom is strong. Spencer and Kelsey seem to have worked out an effective wrapping technique.

Gosh. I cannot remember who won!
Regardless, the night was a fun one. It took seven years to put this together: I am glad to finally have this post all wrapped up!


Anonymous said...

Geoff's costume was my very favorite -- GRIN!

Miriam said...

Wow, that gives me about twenty-seven ideas for my costume this year!

mtnchild said...

What fun!

Andylynne said...

Fun fun fun, that's what I see lots & lots of fun going on. Your personal software pirate is priceless. Lots of good times, and the kids are right in there having a good time too. Is it time to have another Halloween party at the Crows nest, Errr Birds nest :)

Mama Spark said... promise me that I will have an invite to your next Halloween party? I LOVE Halloween, and this looks like a great time!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It was fun, and all of you fun loving friends make me wish we could party together! I hope you each enjoy a Halloween, safe, silly, friend-filled, and full of treats!

shara octaviani said...

it looks so fun...nice haloween nite