Friday, November 19, 2010

The Elves On Our Shelf

It is not too late to flatter, bribe, blackmail to enter
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In other news... The elves on the shelf are packing for their trip east. They are moving to Tennessee, where they will join the band of merry elves living with Aunt Jane. Apparently Jane's band has no drummers.

The elves told me they want to get an early start. Their flight doesn't leave til Saturday morning, but they are going to decline the TSA full body scan. And I overheard them practicing "Don't touch my junk." More power to you guys!

I was going to send them without luggage. Everything is such a hassle, but they don't carry cash, and it could be a long day, so I better send along something with them...

(I hope one box is enough. Sometimes they eye each other hungrily, and it makes me a little concerned.)

Have a safe journey elves! Write! Thanks for spending your summer with us.


  1. Do you mind if I say that those elves kind of creep me out? :)

  2. *Ahem*
    They are leaving, Jen. I think the one in red was doing a little pre-flight drinking. Can you blame him?

  3. I am getting ready to travel for business and I, too, am practicing the "don't touch my junk" chant. I don't want the x-ray death beams on me so I am going to brave the cold fingers of the TSA! I can't wait!

  4. Warren. Be brave. It is an *intimate* procedure. I was searched, quite thoroughly, in the Calgary, Canada airport. The agents hands were not cold, but it was chilling just the same.

  5. They are so cute... and now I'm craving chocolate!

  6. I buy one of there"creepy elves" for Kelsey every Christmas! She loves (read is creeped out by) these little guys!

  7. I happen to think those little elves are as cute as can be! The little one in blue looks like he knows a marvelous secret...probably how to get into those chocolates without being seen...

  8. Geoff and I have been laughing over the *Elves Debate!*
    Creepy vs Cute!
    I love it!
    I hope Geoff's aunt will send us a picture of them with the rest of her Elves... assuming they made it through airport security, and aren't sitting in Guantanamo Bay.


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