Saturday, November 13, 2010

His Pinkness

Maria made this comfy bed for Ferris. The pillow. The bumbie. She scooped him up from one nap spot and placed him in the basket nest. And he stayed.

He stayed, because when he isn't a ferocious beasty attack cat, he is a furry-purry muffin of love.

Hello, furry-purry muffin of love.
Ferris also goes by...
and Lover Boy*

*June 16, 2011
In the interest of avoiding inappropriate traffic, we are henceforth recalling our dear kitty as Luuuuver Boy.

We so deeply miss our Ferris Kitty.


Stella Jones said...

What a beautiful animal and your little girl is just lovely too. Funny how cats rarely want to stay where you put them, isn't it.
Pretty pussie, such a delicate colour.
Blessings, Star

Julie said...

I loved this cozy little kitty/Mariakins post!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Good morning Star!
I think this is the first photograph that really captures his *delicate* color. The first time we saw him, I was amused by his pinkness! Blessings to you Star, and thank you for visiting Chickenblog.

Hello Julie! So good to hear from you. I still miss your blog ~ *sigh*

judy in ky said...

What is it about these ferocious little creatures that makes us want to pamper them with soft little beds and their own toys? I just finished writing about it this morning. I am just like Maria when it comes to cats.

tara said... cute. What a sweeet kitty.

Emily Cole said...

Sweet Maria - what a nice cuddly kitty-nest she made for him!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy... I shared your post with the whole family this morning. We were all sighing and cooing over those kitties. And I wonder, like you: Why do we shelter and cuddle little predators?! Must be love.

Tara and Em... it is all sweetness with this kitty and Maria... until he gets frisky!

Miriam said...

Stinkie-pinky? That's good. Our cat Petunia goes by Tunia, Tuna Head, Tooter, Toots, Tooter-Muffin and "you #$@!&!! cat!" I think creatures with as much personality as our cats deserve as many names as Ferris and Petunia have.

Amanda at 32˙North said...

What a sweetie! You have to wonder though about a gato that goes by the names Lover Boy and Assasin -- that's quite a range!

mtnchild said...

and they can all look innocent with bird feathers sticking out of their mouths ... My male usually brings me mice, voles and baby squirrels! or a lizard or a bat ... He is the best hunter, but I would be happy with these presents outside!

Lovely, lovely Ferris!

CarrieMarie said...

Aww! And Maria looks determined in that photo. LOL Ferris probably figured staying put was in his own best interest. : )

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Miriam... "Gasanova" is a clue why this "Lover Boy" also goes by "Stinkie-Pinky!" I love "Tooter Muffin" and yes, "#$@!&!! cat" is often fitting!

Amanda... look out! He is fundamentally a sweetheart, but he plays hard and intently, and he has the nerve to stalk our chickens!

Yvette... yes, outside, please! Ferris shares lizards. We rescue at least one a week. I do not want to think 'where' the ones are that we did not rescue!

Carmar... that's funny. She does have an intent look! That's good. These two are still negotiating who's in charge. She will be better off if she can gain the upper hand!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh for goodness sake!
Suddenly this post is getting all kinds of traffic, but naturally zero feedback. Is it because of the *luuuver boy* nickname?! Would someone kindly fess up and tell me why our dearly departed, and completely innocent kitty kitty is drawing so much attention?