Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rollin' With My Homies

Apparently this is all it takes to pimp my ride. I got my LED lights trimming the windshield and I am ready to roll. Geoff saw me taking my accoutrements out to the car, and he grinned, "I'm surprised it took you so long." Hey, blinking lights are one thing, wait until I add trim. He's gonna be jealous!

In other news...

My camera is on probation. Really it is just one phase in my ultimate plan to eventually break down and buy a new camera. It's a process. Geoff has been on board for more than a year: "Get yourself a camera." But I am a wishy-washy, frugal, cheap, hesitant, indecisive, flip-flopping, practical kind of consumer... with the possible exception of fabric buying, which I have done with reckless abandon.

So, the probation thing is where I look at one more batch of disappointing images taken with my Panasonic, and fully embrace the reality that this camera has simply succumbed to photo fatigue. Would forty thousand images do that to a camera, wear it out? Actually, that count would not include the images I deleted, so it may be a lot more. A lot. More.

It really helps me to justify why I should be buying a new camera.
Come to think of it, I like to belabor my thought processes, and justify, and rationalize all purchases over fifty cents. It's who I am.

The camera can take good pictures. But it frequently, often, commonly takes not so great pictures. Putting aside, for the moment, that the fault may be with the amateur photographer who lost the instruction manual in a move, I think it is fair to say that this camera has always been a pain to use. And even the few skills I have employed don't seem to be doing any good these days.

This winter I am embarking on a daring and brave venture, arranged by my very own daring, adventurous and generous mother, Delia. I am enrolled in a photography seminar-class-thingy! I am going to try and learn my f-stop from a short stop. I am going to learn the differences between aperture, apparatus and apple cider. I am going to be legit. That may be going too far. I am going to be a more gooder picture taker. I may want to show up to school with a camera I like, feel comfortable using, and one that is not fatigued.

Alright. Enough of that. I am getting a camera. Of course, now I am going to stall in phase II: Which camera?!!

Speaking of stalls, I don't think this post has any genuine purpose other than me stalling on my drive out to the countryside with two rude and rowdy roosters. Sure, I let them hang out for weeks and months, even after they pecked and harassed the precious children, but now they have been attacking me! And as I explained to Max, who appreciates my absurd and twisted humor btw, the roosters have gone too far if they think they can hassle me.

I can't wait to roll by school, and pick up my lil homies. Peace out.


natalie said...

love it. me too, said the iguana (title of a sweet pickles children's book). i want to be a more gooder picture taker too! and sounds like us two Natalie's are floating around in the same boat. i have been contemplating the same as you. to take a photo class, to upgrade and go all out on a new camera. and re-read my last blog entry... you could very well win your own camera. check it out. i am thankful for you and your writing, photos, etc. thank you again for sharing. meow. and well, i think the seagulls that ***whatever noise they make, insert here*** they keep telling me that 'everything's gonna be alright.'

enjoy! and loved your pimped out ride. haha!

mtnchild said...

I have one of the Kodak EasyShare cameras. It is simple enough for me and the pictures aren't half bad. And here's the good news - the booklet is online!!! You can't loose that. (could you?)

I'm not sure that a photography class is really necessary for my camera, but it might be fun, and for sure I would learn something. Maybe at least what the buttons and menu do ... LOL

Karla said...

Natalie, I know the feeling of wanting a new camera. It is on my list too. The photography classes you are going to take sound like they will be informative and hopefully fun too. Love the Christmas lights in your car! I sent an email to you through your contact here, on your blog, about where to mail you your Christmas books. Thanks again for all of your comments on my blog!

Alison said...

oooh, a photography class! What a brilliant, fun idea!

As for which camera, I have one word for you: Canon. I bought a cheap, outdated handheld PowerShot about 5 years ago, and it has been more than I expected (feel free to check the "Download Photos" tab on my blog for some samples!). I'm sure the newer ones are even better. Not sure about the "easy-to-use" part, as this has been my only digital, so I don't know how it compares.

Plus, Canon supports wildlife conservation, so I like to support them. Good luck with your wishy-washying on your final selection!

Peaches said...

may I suggest a: Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera with Nikon AF-S DX 18-55mm lens

judy in ky said...

Cameras are still a complete mystery to me. I have long contemplated taking a class, but have been intimidated (typical for me). Like you, I would have no idea what kind of camera to begin with. I have been happy with my little Panasonic because it's so easy to use. The pictures are still amateur though, but maybe that's good enough for me. I admire your courage in taking the next step!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy... I love your Hawaii pictures!

Peaches... I know I will be getting a Nikon or a Canon. The price and whether I can get it at Costco may be the deciding factor. I appreciate hearing people suggest the camera they know and love.

Flartus... nice endorsement. I had (and wore out) a Canon... I absolutely loved that camera.

Karla... I am excited about the class, and grateful to my mom who is always looking out for me... lucky me! I can't wait to read those books. Thank so much!!

Yvette... I am ready to meet the challenge of learning more about more buttons! I will be sure to pass any good tips I pick up!

Natalie... my pimped out ride gives me giggles and joy every time I flip the switch. The dooce giveaway looks sweet, but I don't want to register with the printing company... it makes me anxious that those companies have all of my images in their possession. On the other hand... it is a sweet opportunity. I hope you win!