Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is a tidy corner in my life. Eclectic, sure, but tidy. The top shelf is the manicure shelf, with supplies for nail beauty... supplies I used in September of this year, and May, 2003 Twice. Both times for weddings. My mommy is the one that supplied me, so if not for her I am not sure I would ever have pink nails.

The second shelf has childhood toys. Little collections of pottery and figures from Mexico and Guatemala. How many tamales and tacos did I prepare in those? I love the tiny iron.

It feels good opening this cabinet and seeing these things displayed, waiting for me. Maybe I take too much satisfaction in just seeing them... I should insist on actually playing with them too... more than twice a decade!

When I was unpacking the boxes these came from, I also came across little pictures Maria drew in a small notepad. I think she was four when she created these fancy ladies, the bride and groom. I could have put them in a box, to keep forever and ever... but probably not see but every ten years. Instead I taped them in my cabinet... above the beauty shelf.

I love that they are hanging there to greet me, to entice me with their bows and flowers, their flowy dresses.

I love her pillbox hat, and Snow White sleeves. She's holding flowers, or maybe flowery purses, and I think she must be wearing lipstick. Maria notices when I am wearing lipstick. She smiles, and nods approvingly. She asks for her chapstick, and applies it with care, pursing her lips with lady-like expertise.

Bow tie. Top hat. Veil, and those lashes and lips! This must be the groom and bride. She is dazzling in her pearls and floral bloomers. He looks handsome in his buttoned coat.

Maria still looks hurt when she remembers that we did not have her at our wedding. How could we host such a glorious event, with floral arrangements, and a tiered cake, and not think to invite her? She wonders aloud. Indeed. Honestly, I would love a second wedding... another chance to wear pretty dresses,and gather lots of family, to dance and play, and cover everything with flowers! When I think of how many weddings some people have, I think, why not us too?... same wonderful groom, but this time with our children there too.

Play. Memories, and tidy corners. I love this reflective time of year, closer to home and family, and with so many opportunities to play. I think I am going to play today...


warren said...

You should do another wedding! You could even do a steam-punk theme...that would be very cool!

Karla said...

I love your idea to put up Maria's artwork in a place where you will see it everyday. What sweet little drawings. She will love looking at these when she is older!

Miriam said...

A play day sounds just about perfect. I think I'll have one, too!

If you want another wedding, you should definitely have one. Imagine instead of two people joyfully proclaiming their love for each other and their commitment to care for each other, a whole family of six doing that - how wonderful would that be. Plus, there would be lipstick, lashes, bow ties and CAKE!

Alison said...

Yes, yes, have a wedding--but in your backyard. Minimize the fuss and planning, assign projects to the kids. They can send invitations, decorate and bake, and Maria can be your beauty consultant to help you pick the perfect flowy dress and flowery accessories.

You might have to turn the camera over to another photographer for a day, too. :)

(Sorry to read about your oven re-gress. But consider it a big head-start on planning your Valentine's cookies and cakes!)

nikkipolani said...

I love Maria's eye for detail and her sense of style. Floral bloomers? Brilliant!

Tracy said...

Oh, sooo sweet! This is like an's altar. I love it, Natalie! So happy you shared this. :o) Happy Weekend to you all there ((HUGS))

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Do you all know how much I love your comments?
It's like finding little treasures in your stocking... or discovering you have a secret-Santa.
And wow, if I mused and dreamed about having a second wedding... but you guys are really giving me steam!