Friday, December 17, 2010

Most Merry Memorable

A funny thing about shopping thrifty, it's so affordable, going overboard is a little too easy! Shhh... won't this family of horses be happy when they join the birthday horses Ruth gave M~A~R~I~A?

I don't know why we bother spelling things any more. Obviously the boys understand perfectly well, and Maria knows enough to pay extra-close attention when grown-ups are spelling!

Long white gloves, embroidered with white flowers. A handmade hand bag. I could not resist.

Our city visit is coming soon. The one where we dress up, and go to the Sniffphony! Do you know what Alex and Max made... a list of all the words and phrases of Maria's, the funny ones we love so much. That is how I was able to remember that she loves the music and splendor of the Sniffphony!

It feels like Christmas has already begun, now that my mommy is here. Delia arrived from Oregon, and we have already had one full day of merriment. She took me to a S~P~A! Oh, my goodness. I had a facial, and it was indescribably good. In all fairness, it was enough for me to be in a candlelit room, laying down, with my eyes closed. If that was all, it would have been bliss. But the woman that soothed and pampered me, worked tender, loving magic on me... she found my face, under two years of neglect! I wish for everyone reading this post to be pampered in this fashion, and if you cannot get a facial, at least find one hour to spend in a dark, quiet room, with maybe some candles flickering, and lovely music playing softly. Be sure to have comfy blankets around.<------I think those are called naps: Get one. They are amazing.

Max and Maria helped me with gift wrapping. They love gift wrapping, and they take it so seriously. They both wrapped, and Maria signed tags. Max insisted on arranging the gifts beneath our very small, artificial tree beneath the giant projection screen they built. Yes, the outdoor screen that was made for summer movies. The one we cannot part with because we love our home theater! Pretty presents are lovingly displayed beneath our dear indoor screen.

Company is coming! We will be seeing Becky and Dan, Grandma Eunice, maybe Julie, Rebekah? Also, my brother, Hans, and my sister(in-law) Gretchen. Mom and I are still deciding on menus, for a big breakfast, and for a dinner. We do have the oven limitation to work around, so this may call for mostly stove-top recipes.

Max just informed Geoff: "There are seven more days." You can tell by the undercurrent of delight in his voice, what he is talking about!

Max and Maria are home from school. Yippee! I love, and need, and love this time with my children.

Maria wants to put stickers on her gifts.

There are more treasures to wrap.

We are waiting for rain.

I hung Christmas lights on our fence. I am so proud. (We sort fail in this area, but hopefully my small gesture will suggest to the neighbors we are not Grinchy.)

William rode around town with me and his grandma. It was such a nice treat having the company of my dear son.

Geoff informed me: "We have to have a house warming party. I told people at work we would, and I think they are starting to wonder about it." No kidding. It has been a year since we moved here. I don't know if this is a "merry memory," but it does make me smile. So, add "housewarming party" to my list of things to do. I think this may have to wait until next year!

Are your holidays rolling? Are you making merry memories?


Jen ( said...

You sound so busy and happy!

Andylynne said...

Oh what a sweet post. I think Maria may have the same horses I did as a child. Carful I never did get over the horse crazies :). Maybe Maria can wear dress up "Boobs: to the concert. Have a wonderful time. If any family knows how it's yours. Blessings to you all.

ArtyZen said...

I am with you all the way - making merry memories, enjoying childish enthusiasms, surrounding myself with the smells, the sparkly things and the tastes of Christmas. (We also have oven limitations!)
Enjoy - tis the of best seasons! (One of them, anyway.)

Miriam said...

I think you have the knack for making merry every day. And for making us merry, too!

Alison said...

I assume you will be projecting a Christmas tree onto that screen at some point?

These do sound like the Good Old Days you will look back to with happy sighs. "Remember when...?" I envy your busy days focused on your family and projects. Now that I'm older, I understand that that's the importance of the holiday, not what's under the tree.

Jennifer said...

Tell me what kind of grill you have, and I'll give you turkey roasting instructions (just have to be sure that the cover can be on the grill with the turkey on there) if you're interested in considering that as a menu option.... A grill could stand in for an oven on pretty much any meat items, I think.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Jennifer... thank you so much. I wish we could take advantage, but the weather is not cooperating, and more importantly, our weber grill lid is a flaking mess... no one wants paint chips on their roast beast ;-(

Flartus... Yes! Or, even a roaring fire! Then we coud sing the classic: *Chestnuts roasting on an outdoor screen... Ferris cat nipping at your nose... * You're right about the focus, and I feel so thankful about having the children home right now.

Miriam... I try! Thank you. Making anyone merry is a noble thing.

Annie... I would love to hear about your England traditions meeting up with your new Spanish traditions... how is that going? Churros and chocolat... yum...

Andylynne... hello! You are right, I may be taking a huge risk starting a horse passion!

Jen... the busy is definitely there, and thankfully, so is the happy. I think having my children home for school is all the incentive I need to feel like celebrating!

Everyone, thank you so much for your comments, ideas, kindness. This is one of the nicest aspects of blogging... talking and sharing with readers. Stay safe, enjoy the lights, the music, the anticipation. Ah, come on... group ((((hug)))!

Golden West said...

So wonderful for you to enjoy these happy times with your youngsters - they'll remember your activities together long after the gifts are set aside. The weather is perfect for gathering together inside and making merry - wishing you all the best! It's always a pleasure to stop by and read your latest post + pictures. Merry Christmas!

Random said...

I love gift-wrapping, too! It's such fun to make neat corners and package things into nice-looking parcels you didn't know they could become. Sadly, I have not yet learned the vital lesson of "that shape is too complicated; put it in a box," and so many evenings are spent staring, perplexed, at some oddly-shaped lumps-and-bumps combination for which I somehow devise a paper covering, instead of the sensible box-putting-in route.
Still... enough artistic ribbon and it all looks great in the end.

... I hope.

Enjoy your holiday preparations!

Andylynne said...

OH NATALIE! EEK!!!Color me red from head to toe, I meant to say "boops" in my post will you forgive me. I hope you knew what I meant, sheesh, I never could type, sheepeshly yours,