Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gone 'round the Bend

I need to see Zoltar about some feathers for my hat, otherwise I am ready for the holidays.

Sometimes I ask myself, What would Scarlett do?

What would Scarlett do, confronted with a daughter with conjunctivitis, and projectile pus?

What would Scarlett say about hitching up the buggy for a late night ER visit?

If Scarlett were here, would she fret about a broken oven, or would she dine on take-out pizzas?

Well, fiddle-dee-dee! My Tara may look like the last thing standing after Sherman's march, I may be a bit frayed around the edges too, but my Rhett is here, hanging some drapes, and the roof only leaks a little bit, the children are home, and we have five more days to prepare and anticipate and... and what I cannot fix today, I will think about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.


mtnchild said...

Do I see a motorhome outside your door - are you ready to escape??? As I think Maria has told you "Take a deep breath and relax" ... you can only take care of one thing at a time!

Bless your heart. Sometimes I'm not sure how you cope, but you do it wonderfully!

Many hugs to you,

Emily Cole said...

I love it! In our house, I'm the one with conjunctivitis, and a bacterial sinus infection... I hope sweet Maria feels better soon! Love the curtains!

ArtyZen said...

Never give up; never surrender - to quote someone who knows all about these sorts of things. Tomorrow will be better.

judy in ky said...

Fiddle-dee-dee indeed! You are a marvel, Natalie.

Miriam said...

Poor Maria. Poor Natalie. I think you have exactly the right attitude about the take-out pizza, because that's what it was invented for. Some things we should worry about (projectile what?!) and some things we shouldn't. I hope Maria's feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Oh, you silly girl! As soon as I saw that picture I thought, "Why, I just saw it in a window and I had to have it." LOL That was my favorite episode from The Carol Burnett Show! Miss Starlett, indeed!

I'm just catching up after a grueling two weeks of taking care of my daughter (after surgery on both feet) and her whole family. And, of course, their furnace went out 2 days after the surgery and they had to live with us for a week. I hardly sat down the whole time!

What's this about the little chica having pinkeye? That's no fun. I hope she's better soon.

I really don't feel prepared for Christmas! I have all the shopping done, but I just don't feel ready. I've got 5 flannel pillowcases to make for the grands, along with fleece throws. I'll have to set aside one whole day just for those! Where's the fairy dust when you need it?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, my grandson has conjuctivitis too, not much fun. I do love all your references to that wonderful film. And yes, tomorrow s indeed another day !!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas from a snowbound Scotland.

nikkipolani said...

Well, Scarlet... or Natalie, tomorrow is another day -- maybe not a lot better, but different. Hoping all the craziness settles down in time for a peaceful Christmas.

Kara said...

Your curtain photo CRACKS. ME. UP!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The Carol Burnett episode when she tells Rhett: "Why, I just saw it in a window and I had to have it..." Susan knows it! It's one of Geoff's favorites. He set up this shot, and I stood there trying to keep a straight face, while he draped my gown!
Maria is well, our Tara has not washed away in this rain, so I think we are in pretty good shape. Thank you all for sharing a laugh with us, and appreciating Scarlett's *never give up, never surrender* resilience.
And if there are obstacles to your merriment, I hope they are gone with the wind, as soon as possible!