Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Water Colors

The world is all water colored this week.
More rain coming. Thunderstorms too.

Delia and I made double lists for our shopping and holiday plans, then we set forth. Now we are well stocked, prepared for holiday gatherings, and Christmas meals. It looks as though the big oven will remain in disrepair, and I cannot imagine using the grill in this weather, but we have a handle on this... no worries, here.

I love the distorted glow of red and green traffic lights, the reflections and refractions, on the windshield. I love the dashes between showers, the splashes in the parking lot, ducking for cover. I love driving under bridges, and the sudden pelting of water that hits the roof of the car. I love the wind, and the trees in it. I love coming home.

Home for Christmas. I love it.


ArtyZen said...

I love your blog!

judy in ky said...

I'm happy to see that the weather has not dampened your holiday spirits, Natalie. Your family Christmas looks joyful and inspired. Merry Christmas to you all!

warren said...

Merry Christmas and keep your life rafts inflated!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Annie... Ah, thank you. I hope more people are discovering what a wonderful blog you keep.

Judy... it sure is wild out there... by our local standards. Safe and comfortable, and on high ground, I am loving it!

Warren... I can hardly think straight, as two roosters and three hens are in the garage and announcing to me that it is morning. They are so lucky we love them. If they had to sit out in the shark cage, they would definitely need a raft!

Random said...

I love your picture. Rainy photography can be so appealing, and you really managed to capture the "watercolour" sense of the day. I like it a lot.

How close are you ChickenBloggers to L.A.? I only know that you're in California, and I thought I'd ask as I'll be in L.A. in February for geek purposes. Just curious!

Random said...

Gah, there were supposed to be "< random >" tags around the second half of my comment; I didn't realize it would HTML them out. Sorry! Pretend they're there!

Janece said...

Love, love, LOVE your photo, Natalie! It's perfection.

And, I love you. Sending you big virtual hugs... and wishing you a very, very, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

That photo is so beautiful, Natalie.


Jennifer said...

Love and joy, come to you!

Tiglizzyclone said...

What a pretty picture! I do so much love rain and windy weather! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!