Saturday, January 29, 2011

I thought the house was extra quiet...

Guess who didn't come home last night?

Meet Ferris. Our not-quite orange, almost pink kitty.

He is our favorite little weirdo.

He loves to manipulate objects, and is often found where things have been dragged, pushed, shoved, tumbled, or knocked over.

He is a fearless, and very successful, hunter: gophers beware!

He is a luver cat... full of nose kisses, and affection. When he is in the mood, he is relentless, all purr and paws, and those slobbery little kisses on the nose.

When Ferris isn't purring and napping, he is getting himself into some kind of trouble or another. Popoki.

One more thing I have not mentioned about Ferris... he loves cars. He loves to sleep on Geoff's Mini. And he loves to explore inside our Odyssey. He is even happy to go for a ride. Sometimes we bring him along on errands around town, and he happily picks a lap to cozy on, then watches the sights go whizzing by.

Last night, unseen, Ferris got into the Odyssey, and that is exactly where Geoff found him this morning: pawing, like a frantic puppy, on the window, hoping to get someone's attention. "Come see the saddest thing in the world," Geoff called to me. I thought he meant something like a cornered gopher, or a discarded chocolate cake, not a weirdo kitty begging to come out of the family ride!

Poor, poor kitty.


  1. Oh my...thanks for the laugh! I can just see Geoff's comment.

  2. LOL I'm glad that you found him at least!! The only time my cats will go near the car is after a trip when the hood is warm. If I even think of opening the door - they scatter.

  3. I was worried he would be afraid to return to the car... we love that enjoys riding around. I opened the back a few minutes ago, and he hopped right in! So, no permanent damage! Chango and Benjamin must think he's crazy.

  4. Oh my Ferris! You are funny! We hope you are safe! You are so cute hanging on there!

  5. Oh, my goodness... LOL! When I first started reading, I got so scared... But just sooo glad he's OK and you did find him. Silly kitties. ;o) I love Ferris's almost pink... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  6. LOL! Poor Ferris! He probably desperately had to use the litter box!

    My Frankie, when the weather is good, will sometimes disappear for a day or two in the fields across the road. He goes there to hunt mice and other critters. Of course, those fields were his first home, so it's understandable that he feels compelled to return. Sassy is the one who likes to jump into the car, the van, cabinets...pretty much anywhere there's an open door. She especially loves to get into the camper every time I open the door. She likes exploring all the nooks and crannies.

  7. I just love cats and their idiosyncrasies! Never a dull moment when they are around.

  8. Poooooor kitty! Bet he was glad to come back in. When it's too quiet around here, it means A Certain Kitty has opened the back door and all the kitties are out exploring.

  9. Thanks for the morning chuckle!! I am relieved that he was found and is alright too!!

  10. I was worried at first about how the story was going to end (or be left hanging); what a relief that Ferris was so close by and safe!


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