Thursday, January 27, 2011

Totally Out of Focus

Zoltar was dragged out of bed the other night to help Alex complete his Japanese III final project. Alex made a movie about his pets, their characteristics and features, their funny natures. He counted them... counting in Japanese is interesting. And by "interesting," I mean really kinda funny. Depending on what you are counting, there are different numbers or words for different categories or subjects. Like, 'small furry things' have different numbering words than 'shiny objects.'

Incidentally, Zoltar likes being in movies. He was not too happy about being lifted from the roost, but once he was inside, under the soft glow of the limelight, he was ready to get signed up with an agent, find a good manager. While I don't get actual credit in Alex's movie, I was technically speaking, the talent handler. I brought in one rabbit, a rooster, and two cat-nipped cats. The ratty rats were counted, but not featured in any of the live-action segments.

So, if you are wondering...Why is she posting blurry photos, and rambling on about counting rats in Japanese?

The answer would be: because I am blurry, and out of focus, and I am not even sure this is happening in real life. I might be in a dream. I might be four levels down, in dream worlds, inside dream worlds. That's right, I am still all turned around since the boys made me watch "Inception." Also, life has been thick and restless lately. And by "restless" I mean, I totally need sleep.

So, if you are wondering...Why is she blogging at all? Why doesn't she go to bed? Why does she think any of this is even going to be read, by anyone?

The answer would be: good question.

Hey, I freely admit that I do not always have worthwhile things to say, or share, and so let us consider some blogs that do have something to say...

The always bright and graceful, Nikkipolani gave my lazy pizza a try and twist. She is an amazing cook, and I knew that if she made lazy pizza, it would come out beautifully, with personalized flavors, and helpful suggestions for temperature and cooking time. Even though it hasn't been a week since I last had pizza, when I read her account, "Perfectly delicious with the crisp-chewy ciabatta and tender flavorful topping with just enough melty cheesy goodness. Comfort indeed," I am ready to dive into her pizza right now!

Normally, I visit PamKittyMorning for some quilting inspiration, plus she often has a bunny visitor, and something funny or cheerful to say about life. But she did something "Random" this week, and my funny bone has never been happier. Thanks to PKM, I have found Portlandia, a magical land, where young people go to retire. With respect, admiration, even a bit of envy, I humbly laugh out loud at the wonder that is Portland, Oregon. I am laughing at how very familiar those segments are... not only from blogs I read, but even my own obsessions with being a mindful consumer, and living in my own Bird House! I am so totally in peril of being bird-decor obsessed. Save me! One more segment, in honor of robotics, T-shirts, yellow and blue, strategy, team play, dedication, after parties, and going to the championships!

Okay. With resolve, and humor, I am ready to face the day. I am ready to vanquish leftover viral and microbial infestations! I am ready to wash, dry, fold, and delegate! I am prepared to be really frickin' tired, and yet not surrender. I am willing to go forward, and God willing the focus will follow.


nikkipolani said...

Ah, poor sleep-deprived Natalie. I hope you'll get some rest eventually. I had no such excuse when, in the throes of both admiring the beauty of your lazy pizza and making a mental grocery list, I missed the part where you heated your oven to 450F. So I went to my trusty 350F and the thing took 25 minutes. Who knows how much faster dinner would've been on the table had I started at 450!

And have I mentioned how absolutely I love that family photo you have with Corm and Tutu (you're in pink at the left)?

Miriam said...

I think focus is over rated, probably never achievable, and always in the eye of the beholder. I also think you're waaaaaaaay more in focus, in a general priorities and values sort of way, than most people I know. I hope you get your snooze today, and that the bugs that are continuing to bug you finally leave, but I don't think you should worry about your focus. So there!

(Ha ha - my verification word is coffee!]

judy in ky said...

I watched "put a bird on it" and it reminded me of the time I came home from work and found that a bird had flown down our chimney and was making black marks all over the ceiling.
By the way, Zoltar is a strikingly handsome bird.

Rois said...

Greetings from Portlandia-
Wish you were here.Having a lovely time in the rare sunshine.
The chickens are not laying,but you could come meet them to make sure they are living a good chicken life.


Mama Spark said...

Zoltar is beautiful!! I bet he struts his stuff around casa chica, eh? Get some sleep my friend, all that other "stuff" will be there when you get up!

Oiyi said...

I hope you get some shut eye and a good night's rest. Zoltar is awesome! I often feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say. But it doesn't matter. It's our blog and we can write whatever we want. :-)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah... you guys are awesome!

Susan said...

Sometimes out-of-focus pictures are the most interesting ones. In fact, I visited a blog once whose owner ONLY posted those kinds of pictures.

Zoltar is gorgeous! Love those swanky tail feathers!