Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Full Hearts ♥♥

Is your heart full too? I decided to get an early start thinking on love. My heart is too full to leave the love talk to just one day! For fun and reflection, won't you join me? Let's post about the little and BIG loves we see around us. I plan to keep this up all week, because it makes me happy, and if it makes you happy too, let me know and I will post your links, and we will create a world-wide-web of Full Hearts ♥♥

Maria loves Homer.
And Homer loves chicken.

Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat loves a safe perch, in the sun.

I love Maria, and Homer, chickens, BFTC, and my own safe perch in the sun.


  1. There is lots to love, isn't there? That makes us lucky, lucky people.

  2. I love that the sun is coming up a little earlier and setting a little later every day, I love that the groundhog did not see his shadow, I love a nice hot cuppa coffee (milk, sugar), I love how intensely the stars twinkle during winter, I do love Valentine's Day, I love hearing a great song that I haven't heard for years and instantly remembering a long ago place or person or emotion that's forever connected to it, I love planning a vacation, and I guess I do love making a list....

  3. It's a great time of year to think about our loved ones. Maria and Homer are such cuties!


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