Saturday, February 12, 2011

Full Hearts♥♥ :: Post IV

I love Ferris. And Ferris loved naps. I think he was one of the most comfortable cats I have ever known... what I mean is, he was completely at ease about sleeping anywhere. It was actually a hazard. He would nap in the middle of floors, and even on the stairs, where his fur was so much like the carpet we were sure he was going to get squooshed.

I remember that day I found him socked out in the laundry closet. I love that I captured that silly napper on my camera.

I remember when my brother, Bill and his family, were here, and the kids were wildly happy playing and making merry... and there was Ferris. Passed out in the middle of all the action. He could not have been happier, unless he were chasing Zoltar up a telephone line!

I love this happy napper.
I miss him. It has been ten days since we saw him last.

I love how when we fed the kitties in the morning he was so eager to eat, that he would spring head first into the opened container.

I love that Ferris chose Max. And I love that Max chose Ferris.
I love that they loved each other.
I love Max.

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Miriam said...

Happy memories and sad memories, all wrapped up in one spunky, napping, ginger-furred package. I'm so sorry Ferris hasn't returned to you, but glad you have such wonderful photos to remind you of the time he was with you. Full hearts indeed.

Jennifer said...

It's such a hard thing, that line between keeping hope and accepting other possibilities, but as I think about it I realize we often have times when we need to live in that difficult territory. So very much holding all of you in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that he hasn't come home yet. I lost too many pets growing up and it is painful. I do know God cares about all of his creatures (and children). I like to believe that I will see them again someday... Maybe Max isn't ready yet,but my healing was always easier when I had a new pet to focus on (I know Ferris isn't replaceable) It helped to lessen my grief and loneliness. Just a suggestion...

Kate said...

I'm so bummed to hear that he hasn't returned yet. I'm hoping that he's just somewhere napping and a lovely soul is feeding him. Hugs.

Kara said...

I saw that first photo and thought: "He's BACK!" Then kept reading and was heartbroken for you and your family. Oh, kitty.

judy in ky said...

It hurts so much to be missing a pet. I'm so sorry Ferris hasn't returned. I hope Max is doing okay.

tara said...

Sweet lovely Ferris, find your way back home. I am thinking of all of you.

nikkipolani said...

Ferris!!! Come home where you are loved loved loved. I have the same problem with Winston who is about the same tone and color as Ferris. He's high risk for getting tripped over. Hope he comes home soon.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I am so glad we have our happy memories of Ferris, and so many sweet friends to share them with.

Теа said...

Oh, my Cat!!! I think you have the long lost twin brother of my Oro! You are welcome to see him: :):):)