Sunday, February 13, 2011

Full Hearts♥♥ :: Post V

I love William.
I love Alex.
I love Max.
I love our crazy~random~maker~shaker days.
I love ideas and laughter flying around, airships, Pepper's Ghost, robots, cakes, music, and planets, chocolate covered strawberries, chickens, and copper roses... imagination mingles freely, dreams take form... I love us.

Max loves his Nerf blaster, the semiautomatic dart throwing defender of fun.
En garde!
I love hearing Max systematically detail the unique qualities of each type of Nerf blaster, rating them by their varying degrees and levels of advantage. I love Max. His reasoning skills astound and delight me. His heart is pure, and uniquely rational.

Maria loves telling the three new jokes she's learned, and then singing them, "It's opera," she whispers in aside.

There was two little muffins in the oven, and one says:
It's hot in here!
And the other one screams: Ahhhhhk!! A talking muffin!

In today's Nerf Battle she is Spider Girl...

I love Spider Girl.

And Spider Girl's accomplice... I love him a lot.

I love William. His laugh. Oh, man. I love his laugh. He is my philosopher artist, my brilliant imagineer, with a wise and kind heart and soul.

I love Alex. His heart and soul are in alignment, his mind is turning well-cut gears. Where do young men get such old souls?

I love that we are playing this morning.
Me with my camera, and everyone else obliging me.
I love that Geoff unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.
I love that there are the remains of a very special winter-formal dinner around the kitchen.
I love that there is a robotics meeting today.
I love that my mom and I talked on the phone this morning.
I love my mom.
I love my family.
I love phones.
I love that Maria shivers with a thrill, announcing again, and again: "Tomorrow it's Valentine's!"
I love this blog, and your comments, and I love pictures that bring back wonderful memories, both joyous and heartbreaking.
I love seeing my dreams take form.

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judy in ky said...

I love this! A lot!

Cat said...

I loved reading this blog!



Anonymous said...

I love how you focus on your blessings even when you hurt! You are a very special person :)

Jennifer said...

I love the overflowing abundance of love that's always here!!

Tracy said...

Oh, this is lovely... so full of LOVE! LOVE, love, love to you & yours, Natalie--Happy Valentine's ((HUGS))

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Judy... thank you. It was a good day, which is always nice to stop and appreciate. Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Cat, you are dear, and clever. Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous... thank you, you are very special to say such a kind thing. Seeing my blessings helps ease the hurt. I wonder if we would even recognize our blessings without a little hurt, so we know the difference? Happy Valentine's Day!

Jennifer... and I love the overflowing of kindness and thoughtfulness here, in the comments. You are definitely a part of the love I recognize in my life. Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tracy... Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are getting even more ((hugs)) and light than you pass around the world... which would be a beautiful amount and well deserved.

Susan said...

I love that you are such a huge fan and lover of your family. It makes me love you like a little sister. Hugs, Natalie! XOXO