Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I write my own code for Chcikenblog Chickenblog. This means every picture, every italic, crossed-out word, every small word, or bold word... every link, is expressed by me typing a little bit of code in the text.

Okay, for some of you this is yawn! so obvious! But I know other friends are like me, figuring these things out bit by bit, step by step. So, I thought I would share a treasure trove of HTML fun I just stumbled upon.

And for my own amusement... I am going to play!

Now I can underline words.

I can even underline whole sentences!

Or say things in a BIG way.

How about... I love robotics and FIRST 2102 Team Paradox!

Wow, this is cool.

Red, Yellow, and Blue are the colors of the season... robotics season!


Are you seeing this?
Hearts on the move?
Nifty stuff, I tell ya.

(Note to self: Use moving stuff sparingly. It gets kind of irritating after thirty seconds.)


ArtyZen said...

I'm impressed - as usual! I don't do html but now wish I did.

ArtyZen said...

Like it. Checked out your link and think perhaps it's time to get to grips with a bit of html myself - thank you!

ArtyZen said...

Natalie - can't remember if I posted more than one comment or not - if I've done two, please pick just one! Having a distracted morning - perhaps don't need html just yet! Axx

warren said...

Just curious...why do you write in html? Most blog sites have ok editors...just curious. I think it is great to see people who will deal with a little "under the hood" stuff. There just aren't many who don't do it for a living

judy in ky said...

I have been mystified forever about what html is and how to use it. You have provided so many answers for me with this! I have bookmarked it, and it's going to be my "html" bible.
Maybe I can get "under the hood" a bit now...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Annie... oops! Hey, I like all three comments.

Random... anything aimed at children is probably my speed!

Warren... it's like Random says, "It is fun to code!" Okay... I started it because #1. I knew no other way. #2. I still know no other way (Blogspot has autoformatting, but I am already comfortable with my old habits) #3. Could I do this for a living?!! Just kidding. I am really not particularly savvy about the technical aspects of what I am doing. Example: the new layout is here because I was playing around and completely lost my old format!

Judy... have fun! Isn't it satisfying to uncover a mystery and discover that it's actually not too difficult?... Get under the hood!

warren said...

I was just curious because I do write code for a living. Not too much html but I have done c, c++, c#, java, php, and perl for a living and tons of other languages while in grad school. Many people who somewhat enjoy coding are actively in the field. I wasn't sure if you were or are...

In school, I remember the beginning of most classes each semester. There might be 100 folks. At the end, I got down to as low as 3. It's just one of those things that drive many people to other fields. Those who stick with it often make a living at it and love it!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

In high school I took one semester of Basic. And I never could beyond the basics. Maybe I cannot think abstractly enough, or didn't have the patience. Maybe my teacher was not so great. I think the instant feedback of dabbling in html gives me the reward I need to continue learning (a bit) more. Geoff does all kinds of code writing, and he's done it in many different fields... let's get together... the families, a little cookout... code talk, gardening, MAKE fun! I think it would be a blast!

warren said...

A cookout would be great! I desperately need a little MAKE fun. I have not had a chance to do anything lately and there is sooo much to do!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I hear you Warren. Maybe the first thing is for us to make an airship... something that makes the distance between our backyards smaller!