Monday, February 14, 2011

Full Hearts♥♥ :: The Big Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

On our message board:

"There is no remedy for love
but to love more."


Our industrious Valentine girl making cards for everyone!

I chose the quote for two reasons, maybe three.
It is short, so I have enough wooden block letters to spell it out. It is sweet and hopeful, but not syrupy so. I take my sweetness in measured doses. And the statement makes sense to me... more so since I have been focusing my thoughts and heart on what I love, these last few posts. I have found that the more I think of to regard with my affection, the more I find to regard with my affection. In other words: there is a lot to love. There are many to love, and many ways to love, and it's almost a reckless endeavor to attempt to name everything and everyone... I am bound to run out of time and space to include it all.

Is there a remedy? Yes, to love more, on more than one day, but every day, for a lifetime.

Alex and Lonnie, exchanging flowers for their Winter Formal.

Lonnie geared and wired silk roses for Alex's boutonnièr. I am so happy Lonnie, Suki, Grant, and Alex agreed to have dinner here so we could see these sweet exchanges, and share in the excitement.

With a found treasure, and the copper rose Eli folded for Alex to use, Alex went to our favorite florist, and she put everything together with fresh flowers.

Maria and I tried our hands at making chocolate dipped strawberries. We had a lot of fun preparing dinner, setting the table, and making everything "fancy," as Maria gushed.

Lonnie and Alex :: Suki and Grant :: Winter Formal
Night At The Museum :: February 12, 2011

It was a Sadie Hawkins dance... girls ask boys.
Seeing all the match-ups from robotics club was cute... and smart... and bad~@ss
... to borrow from Nick F.'s FB status.

I think the Paradox~Sky Consortium couples were the cutest, smartest most bad~@ss of all. And what better destination for SteamPunk Robo-crazed couples to go, but a bad~@ss Science Center!

They joined a larger group of friends, who pooled their money together to ride to formal in a school bus. Guess what? School bus to formal = Magic School Bus. And it is way affordable and safe, and super fun! And when they arrived at Balboa Park... More Magic! A beautiful evening stroll down the Prado to the museum, and then two stories of music, lights, friends, fun, and SCIENCE!!

A heart geared for love?

Alex asked me for red paper and crinkle cut scissors this morning. I started pulling out stickers and glue and... and I should have realized that Alex's Valentine would be way beyond stickers and glitter glue! I made sure to scan it, because I think it is awesome. And I must remember to ask him what it does? because when I was admiring it this morning, he grinned and said, "It works." All those gears and pistons... they have a purpose!

Geoff and I went to a nursery I like. I introduced him to Teri, the florist that was so excited about making a custom corsage with Alex. We may or may not have stopped in the little bakery for little cupcakes for four little sweethearts that we love... our dreams coming true, we call them. We bought more rosemary and nasturtiums, and talked about our garden, and plans. We strolled, and laughed. We pondered. Such bliss.

Happy Valentine's Day... and may we all be blessed with more days to love more.


dewatobay said...

LOVE indeed - it oozes from these pages!
and Alex's drawing = WOW!!

Miriam said...

What amazing style and boundless talent those young people have! I can see why you are enamoured with them all - I am too!

ArtyZen said...

Just beautiful! Everything. Perfect. A Happy Valentine's day indeed.

test said...

Coming to your house seems like Valentine's Day every day. We love to live this close and feel the joy every time we come over. Thanks

tara said...

I have to tell you I am not the fondest of Valentines day, this year mostly.
However, seeing those awesome kids being who they are I am reminded of when I was their age and I got teary eyed. My grinchy heart grew. Thanks.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Maria... you are such a light! Happy Valentine's Day! I will be sure to share your impression with Alex... thank you!

Miriam... thank you. I appreciate your good opinion. I feel so very fortunate to know these children... these bright and beautiful people. They inspire me, and keep my faith restored. Happy Valentine's Day!

Annie... Happy Valentine's Day! I miss you. Every day has been so busy! I need to *go* to Spain and get caught up with you!

Hello Michael! Welcome to Chickenblog! You and Patricia are the very sweetest. We feel so blessed to know you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tara... I get it. It's a day that is a bit overrated, a bit full of expectations. This year I tried to get a handle on what I love, and not worry about making more of the day than what I can manage and enjoy... it has been a pleasure to keep it simple. You are awesome in my eyes, and I love that you saw something familiar in these kids. (((Hugs))) from one grinchy heart to another

dewatobay said...

Everyone! Thank you - with love!
p.s. please post Alex's drawing on FB

Jennifer said...


judy in ky said...

Absolutely adorable... I love those kids!

warren said...

Awww...everyone looks so dashing/cute! And that heart drawing...holy cow! Every pic in that post is bad @ss!

Susan said...

Awesome, awesome, wonderful post! So full of love and hope and more love. But never syrup-y or gushy. Lonnie is a real cutie and so is her date! Love the corsages. And that drawing is wonderful.

This made me smile all the way through. :)))))

Lonnie Mae said...

^__^,, Teehee I like this one. <3 The most amazing (and only) Valentine I've ever gotten. And I still have the rose! XD Even though it's completely dead...