Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chicks :: One Week Old

One week ago Zelda and Puff's eggs began hatching. Before heading to San Diego for a full day in the robot zone, we met five tiny chicks. Babies, brand new to the world, and utterly adorable.

Unlike other chicks, ones we brought home from a feed store, these chicas have been under the constant care of their mama, Princess Zelda. No heat lamps. No constant, vigilant observing and fretting. Far, far less handling, which is kind of a bummer. But overall, it is pleasant and natural, simpler, letting nature do what nature does... Zelda is a very good mama, and watching her with her very first brood has been an honor and pleasure.

Even when they were only one day old, we observed Zelda taking her babies to the head of the class. She home schools, naturally. With friends over to share the fun, we watched with delighted awe as Zelda demonstrated digging up good stuff. It was the chicas first time on the lawn, free to explore the grass and weeds, and in no time at all Zelda taught them to scratch vigorously. They followed her, watching and tracking her strange dance, then moments later they were dancing too. Their tiny feet bringing up small flies, seeds, dirt, goodies!

Five little ones, none of them quite resembling their platinum blond mama. Some with feathered feet, some with clean legs. One looking every bit like the other Silky sister, Puff. This one I think looks most like Zelda. I think her name is Paradox.

Where is Paradox now?
Five little chicas. Five pio-pio-pio-pio-pios!
And only one is clearly unique.

Even the poof of dark hair suggests it... that one is definitely Kamen, a hen, we hope.

Feathered feet... the other distinguishing feature.
I think we will call them Kamen and the Mini-Bots.

Those feathered feet are a mama trait. Both Silky sisters, Zelda and Puff, have feathered feet, which are hilarious. When they dig and scratch, they brush the earth like giant brooms, sweeping particles into the air.

Did I say Zelda is fair? Well, normally she is a blond, but after her first dust bath in a month, she lost some of her natural coloring. Today's lesson: Dust Baths, Heaven on Earth. Zelda looked as though she were having org@smic seizures... so utterly in bliss and oblivious to all, we thought she might bury a chick, absentmindedly. They scurried around her prone, then writhing body, taking notes, and pipping madly. Minutes later, they were pumping their own wee wings and raising the dust.

One week old chicas. And their mama. All the fun a Saturday can hold.


Alison said...

Oh my. Oh MY! How do you handle such bliss!? Beautiful pictures of the little ones...and Zelda looks oh-so-serious about her mama duties. There's no neglected homework in chica school.

ArtyZen said...

These are the most gorgeous chicks I've ever seen. SOoo gorgeous! Gorgeously gorgeous - I'm sort of lost for other words... Ax

Isaac Spiegel said...

Kamen and the Minibots would be a great name for a rock band. I love your chickens, and I love the names you choose for them

dewatobay said...

delightful, delightful, delightful - i'm smiling so much!

Kara said...

Baby animal season may actually kill me from too much cute! TOO MUCH CUTE!!!

mtnchild said...

OMG!!! How did I miss your posts with new chicas? I've just been overloaded with cute ... all your beautiful baby girls (I hope) and the lovely Mamas. I have my brood here too - 9 of them. Not all mine, but I do get to keep 4.

Maybe my surgery and recovery kept me from being diligent in reading all your posts, but HOW could I miss so much cute.


Anonymous said...

You are killing me with these chick pics...

Mary Smith said...

Completely adorable!

Tracy said...

AMEN... and how sweet they are! :o) Kamen and the Mini-Bots--I LOVE it! ;o) Just love all the warm, fuzzy cozy...Happy SPRING to you all ((HUGS))