Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It's True: I am Predictable

Maybe it's because he is a blogger too... My friend Michael said: Ah, for your blog, when I started pointing my camera at CC and their new hens.

And I said, Nah. It's 'cause I love the chickens, which is true. I mostly cannot stop taking pictures any minute of the day, and when chcikens chickens are around, taking pictures is compulsory! So, I happily sat in our friend's field of late winter greens, watching bunnies frolic, and chickens scratch... and I took some pictures.

Georgette reminds me of our Luna. Dear, sweet Luna. She was a good, fat hen too.

I must remember to ask Helen what kind hen the white chica is. She is pretty, and makes me think of a lady in a shawl. Most hens remind me of ladies in a Jane Austen novel, or of Tasha Tudor... ladies dressed in beautiful layers of fine cloth, busily going about their day, chatting amongst themselves. Time spent barefoot in the garden, they might at any moment go in for tea.

Some days I cannot believe our luck. Most days.
We have our own home, and chicas of our own!
And... we have wonderful friends, and they have chicas too!
Life can be so beautiful, it can make me laugh and cry at the same time.

Well, I did not intend to take pictures for Chcikenblog Chickenblog, but I guess I am predictable. I woke up this morning, full of the hectic plans for the week making my head throb a bit, and I just had to get immersed in something meditative and relaxing... like watching chicas in a beautiful garden. Chickens are a therapy for me. They make me smile... a deep smile that takes a good, strong hold of my soul. Is that strange?

They make me laugh too.

They can also make me quite cross.
No, not you, CC.

I am thinking of Tesla, our freak rooster. He has gotten mean. Seriously. Because of his scoliosis, I do not think I could give him away... except maybe to the coyotes. Yes, he has gotten that bad. He intends to hurt me, and I intend to stop him.

Oh, dear.

I just need a few more moments reverie, and happy meditation.

The buzzer on the dryer has already beckoned me to the laundry room, and all other duties of the day are creeping into my moment.

Takes a deep breath



Karla said...

Love seeing your happy chickens! I hope your busy day goes by fast and that you can relax tonight.

Little Messy Missy said...

Love the chicken looking at me...Hahahaha! Great looking birds!

mtnchild said...

Chickens are magic! I can be in a hurry to get something done, and as soon as I feed the girls, I slow down to watch, talk and maybe pet one. They can slow me down, magical, I say, magical!

ArtyZen said...

Wonderful pics and never, I repeat, never predictable!

dizzy_izzy said...

They are so beautiful! I was always afraid of my grandparents chickens growing up, now I'm sad that I didnt really appreciate them.

Kara said...

Amen. Chicken-watching pretty much solves anything. Love the one of the chicken looking right at the camera!