Thursday, March 10, 2011

Properly Attired

I was so happy to find this shirt for Maria. It's hasn't been easy to find her a team colored shirt in her size. When I showed it to her... Oh, yeah, she was excited! But she had her own reasons to rejoice, and the first thing she did was cheer: "Boys! Boys! Now I can wear a boy tie!"

Alex loaned her his. She wore it to school. The funny thing is, it was Dr Seuss' birthday, and people thought she was honoring the Cat in the Hat.

Which is silly, really, because she wasn't even wearing a hat to school.


KP said...

Yup, bow ties, hats and waistcoats... seriously cool!

test said...

I think I have to take Maria along for my next business deal.

Katie said...

Totally awesome. Love the shirt. Love that Maria wore it to school!