Wednesday, April 13, 2011

El Gato Con Bigotes Blancos

Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat, Cowboy and Explorer.
I love your whiskers.
I love, love, love your whiskers.
And when you talk, and purr.
I love that you claimed the thrift shop chair that I left in the hallway.
Stay awhile.
Do not wander. Do not go beyond the gate.
Stay, so we can love your whiskers.


  1. I totally love the sweet poem...and yes, those are indeed the type of whiskers that would inspire such pretty words.

  2. We have four indoor cats and six outdoor feral cats. I worry about the feral cats when I don't see them. This poem reminded me of them.

  3. Kirsten... thank you. His whiskers have a life force all their own!

    Judy... God bless you and those kitties. I love what you do for all of them.


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