Monday, April 11, 2011

Great Finds!

Thirty-nine days and fourteen hours from now, we will be at Maker Faire. As a Young Makers Club, we had hoped to bring our projects with us, but we still have some details to organize, and so we have next year to look forward to for that. This year we will simply arrive as ourselves. Our SteamPunk selves, and our creations and expressions, the things we make will be with us, and on us. From bowler hats to bow ties, with modified goggles, and our signature details... we hope to Make this a faire to remember!

We love a good thrift shop, second-hand opportunity, and do-it-yourself occasions, and last week Eli introduced us to a brand new treasure trove of thrifty-ness... new to us, anyway. We struck the mother lode at their tent sale. A coat from London, a leather jacket, and drop waist wool dress, and several vests... Now Maria has her very own bow tie. I have pretty hats, and shoes that make me want to lift my skirt and pretend I know a clever little dance. We may switch the buttons on the dress, and the hats need fresh tulle, a flower, or trim. Eli's new cane is perfect, but he has a knack for making perfect things even better.

Alex and I will be rummaging through our fabric stash, in search of something for a blouse and corset he designed. He is in another club, for fashion and design, and they will be putting on a show soon. I am happy to do a little sewing room mentoring, and this will give us more opportunity to complete our Maker Faire ensembles. Oh! And also, William has a Halloween event that Love and Rockets will be making for, so all of this thrifting, sewing, and Making is sure to keep us happily occupied for months to come!

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warren said...

I just met with a group of 6 other computer programmers today to create our own little Makers' group! I am so excited. Make mag and you folks have inspired me!