Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Thousand Eight Hundred and One

This is how my desktop looks, thanks to Geninnes's Art Blog.

May. Pretty, pretty Mayo. Artfully depicted on her wall. The bird's shadow alone makes me awestruck. Can you tell which parts are in her room, which flew out of her imagination and onto the screen? Personally, I don't really want to take it apart, unravel the magic. I like the soft palette, the gentle light. I love the natural elements, some wrapped in crochet, some real, some fanciful. Geninne's May wallpaper is available for your desktop too. Gracias Geninne!

Pretty, pretty Mayo.
May Day, and May poles.
Cinco de Mayo.
Mothers Day.
Yes, one more year of deep thoughts and other musings. Another year of me saying too much, about not much. And this post makes it one-thousand eight-hundred and one posts about robots, quilts, chickens, baboon posteriors, mangoes, pumpkins, gardens, low tides, islands, LEGO, rabbits, cats, other people's dogs, and stuff.

And speaking of other people's dogs... would you please pop in and say hello to Turbo? Gracious, what a dear pup.

I love, love, love other people's dogs. I don't want to play favorites, but hardly a day goes by when I don't think of Clover Meadow. I want to be her friend. And thank goodness for Homer, our frequent and dear companion.

Crazy random woman, where is this post going?

I am pointless. Ha-ha! Just kidding. I do have a point, and this post is going there. I want to mention that I have been blogging for nine years. I want to say that I still wonder why I do it, if it matters, when it will be a good idea to retire, and if I will ever be more than a crazy random woman carrying on about stuff. (Was that a question?)

Have you read about the Surfing Madonna? She is luminous. We may not have the pleasure of seeing her for long, because she was put in place without permits. On Mothers Day, Geoff took us all to get a good, close look at this mosaic masterpiece. She is stained glass, and affixed to a wall, between two pillars of the train bridge. Someone already popped out a piece from her robe. The six panels were attached by a crew in coveralls, that did the job in broad daylight. They say they were trying to look legit, and no one stopped them from installing the art. Let's hope everyone will have the good sense to protect it, and keep it up.

Is the artist enjoying the attention, the happy reaction people have expressed? I hope so.

Besides anticipating the joy that is the Chickenblogiversary, I wanted to celebrate art, and inspiration, and beauty, and all the people and ideas that make me pause. Make me want to be an artist, and geek too.

"Suki. Suki. Suki!" We say this when we go by her house, because we hope to find her home, we hope to be invited in for tea. We want to see the lemur painting up close.

Alex and Suki had an exclusive art gallery show back in February. Two artists, one gallery. It was very special. No. No, I am not biased. I am smitten, charmed, and worldly wise.

Alex's first painting class is over. He began with acrylics, then worked with oil. His highly engineered, design and blueprint-style illustrations made for intriguing, imaginative works. His latest venture... set aside the methodical, detailed sketches, and paint with abandon, passionately, willfully. The results were visceral and raw, and a huge departure from earlier works. I like his daring.

His last appearance was in January. We first met this expressive frog when he appeared in school binders, on note paper, four years ago. Two years ago Alex started a painting of Gilbert. He is a familiar fellow, who shows up here, and there, and it makes me happy to see his portrait completed.

Suki. Suki. Suki! Suki, I want this painting. It speaks to me. It touches the funny place in my mind, where I want to live someday. Call me. Let's talk.

Alex said something about this on FB. He is working on a mask to replace his welding goggles. Reminds me of an article I read this morning: "Why geeks make better adults than the in-crowd." I think geeks, at any age, are better than a lot of people, young or old. And I am not saying just "tech geeks," or "calculator nerds." I am thinking of anyone who thinks for themselves, critically, who acts in accordance with their passion and creativity, who respects life and ideas. Geeks are true to their voices, to learning, to art, play, expression... whether with pen and paper, a calculator, an ocarina, or a fez. Oh marvelous geeks, I love you. You inspire me and give me hope.

When I grow up... I want to be like You.

I want to absorb knowledge, like William. Fill my head with facts, and details, and know the names of planets, philosophers, and details about the Large Hadron Collider.

I want to draw like Alex, and be strong in my convictions. Cover my walls in the fanciful visions that, for now, are imprisoned in my head.

I want to sing and dance, like Maria... like no one is watching is the expression these days, but she wants everyone to watch, to join her in the dance because she is in love with the world.

I want my thoughts to follow rational, logical paths, and draw neat conclusions, while still managing to imagine improbable worlds, with wondrous possibilities... like Max does.

When I grow up, I want to cut paper, and create the illustrations for the stories I have yet to tell. I want to be like Elsa Mora. Elisita, bella mujer, I like your style.

When I grow up, I want to make spaces that are bright, and clear, yet full... full of the colors, and designs, and ideas that are my own expressions. I want to be like Anna Maria. Her palette, her charm, her ribbons, voiles, and dresses, even the familiar scatter of her day-to-day life are an inspiration to me.

When I grow up, I want to be like Miriam and Kim, who keep moving forward, making their Mucky Boots Farm a lovely place, a better place, a flowery, chickeny, gardeny, homey place. Such industry! Such fortitude! In every post I see they are destined to become jacks of many trades.

When I grow up... dear God, please help me with this one... when I grow up, I must be more like the Roomies at Nikkipolani's, because there is something calming and good, balanced and gracious going on over there. I am not so naive as to believe that it has nothing to do with hard work, care, resolve... I am just hoping I can incorporate more of those admirable traits in my own living. In the meantime, I am thankful to share in the happy, inspiring peeks of their life.

Kara, you and your blog: wow! I want to be like Kara, when I grow up! What isn't she doing? She can tell you what her blog is all about, and I will tell you that she is an industrious, determined, admirable, and inspiring woman.

One more... when I grow up I want to be a daring, adventurous explorer, like my amiga Annie. She is Moving on, and sharing her journey in a blog about leaving England, and embracing Spain, about children, new paths, new ventures, and making the daily bits balance with the big bits... you know: life! Annie, you delight and amaze me.

Oh gosh.

I think I rambled. Did I have a point?

No matter. I enjoyed this ramble, this reflection on my muses, the people and places that stop me in my tracks, and make me sigh. My very first pointless blog ramble was May 24, 2002, and twelve days from now, I hope to be doing more of the same. And if anyone would care to join me in the celebration, I will be delighted. Perhaps there will be cake, or a prize. I've been known to giveaway prizes.

I was going to say more, but now I see the time.
Dear me. I type slow. Or think slow.
Or type so slowly, my thoughts are slow to...

Rambling me. Lalalalala lalalala la la


Tracy said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, Natalie!-- You are a blogging inspiration! I love all that you share here and welcoming us to your family. It is a special treat to visit here each week. When I fist began blogging (gosh, almost 5 years soon for me!) you were among the first to leave me a comment... I've not forgotten such kindness. :o) LOVE the art focus along with this post too. I'm painting on canvas again after some years hiatus with brushes & paint, and just loving it! Happy Days to you all..Hope you had a BIG chicken party to celebrate your blogiversary! ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

And I would like to be like you when I grow up!

Anonymous said...

Ingredients For a Great Weekend:
rope swing



Good to see ChickenBlog is back.

Kara said...

Oh! That's me! Thanks!! But I want to be like YOU! :) Happy pre-blogiversary!!

test said...

Patricia & I just went down to see the mosaic masterpiece it is great, thank you for mention it.

Lesley said...

Hello again, Natalie! Happy bloggingversary!
I'm still here!
I confess I kind of skim through the robotomania posts, but I'm still loving all the pics and keeping up with what you're up to. And how your kids are all getting on — amazing! So clever and talented and happy.
Incredible that your school year is almost over ...
My Will is heading back to San Diego in a few weeks, keen to see all his Canyon Crest Academy buddies again. They are his closest and best friends still, so we're very happy that he'll be re-connecting.

Lesley said...

By the way - we have identical desktop wallpaper! I am such a fan of Geninne's art.