Friday, June 17, 2011

A Gentleman and a Scholar

Max has been promoted from grade school, and in the fall he will be in junior high school.

And now, it is summer. At last. And while there is plenty to reflect on, to ponder about his career as a grade school student, and even more to anticipate in the years ahead, I think that foremost in our minds and hearts is: summer. Summer and liberty, and choices. Summer nights, and summer play. Summer doldrums, perhaps, but what marvelous doldrums when they are our very own to remedy. Water, and stars, fireworks, family visits, more books, more time, more of very little, and very much. We will count these days and savor the minutes, the very golden minutes.

Our gift to Max, sixth grade graduate, diligent student who was never unruly, who faced his daily challenges, and met the demands of academia with dutiful obedience: the privilege of marking this day, his success, in whatever way felt comfortable, in whatever way he chose.

He declined the pomp and circumstance, the formal and ceremonial traditions, and he opted for coffeecake and tea at a favorite spot, with his Tutu, William, Geoff, and me, his mom. Then home.

It is wonderful when we find the perfect gift for someone... something they deeply appreciate, need. A good fit, an ideal memento. The right to choose how he recognized his promotion was the perfect gift for Max, an honor he earned.

Coffeecake and tea was followed by a stop at the tattoo and piercing salon. Alas, they were closed. <----- that's me being funny, because sometimes when I am overly emotional I resort to wise@ss humor, it is a burden my sons bear with some small amount of consternation.

Max you are shiny smart, and amazingly good, and your dad and I love you very much.


Miriam said...

Well done Max! And well done to you and Geoff, for raising such wonderful children. (Too bad about the tattoo parlour...!)

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Oh yes! Golden moments! When my daughter Sarah was young I always thought of my times with her as Golden moments!

ArtyZen said...

Reading your blog, it's wonderful to see Max (and the others) growing up - and growing up wonderfully.
Glad you had a lovely day - not sure how old that makes Max, different school systems here, but he's definitely looking very grown up and ready to take on the next challenge!
Enjoy the summer (as if you wouldn't!)

Dad said...

Congratulations Max! We are proud of you!

mtnchild said...

Congratulations to Max; he's earned a celebration.

Happy birthday to Alex. If his birthday is on June 12, he shares his day with my daughter. She is a bit older than Alex, but that's OK.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Max! It was fun sharing this time with you. Thank you. Love you, Tutu.

chicken coops said...

Congratulations to Max, such a nice warm story :)

Tarie Sabido said...

Congratulations, Max, you handsome gentleman-scholar you! (By the way, he's looking more and more like you, Natalie.)

I like the idea of marvelous summer doldrums. :o) I haven't had those in a long time - I miss those!

Tracy said...

BIG CONGRATS, Max--well done! I love how your boys are gentleman, Natalie...the world needs more young men like yours! :o) Happy Summer Days to you all.. enjoy! ((HUGS))

Kim said...

Congratulations Max! That is awesome and I love the way he chose to celebrate. Hey, we have a tutu too. Tutu's are wonderful.