Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fair Weather

This may be the most fun I've had at the S.D. Fair, which we still call the Del Mar Fair. I've probably said it before: if I go to this fair, then I want to see some animals, some flowers, and a big ear of roasted corn, and then I am pretty much ready to go home. But, this year we had early admission for the Student Showcase, and my robo-enthusiasm gave the day a whole new passion, a fresh perspective. Geoff went even earlier than Maria, Alex, and me. It must have seemed like a fairground ghost town at that hour.

When we arrived we found great parking, a quiet midway, clean streets, colorful booths, and Angry Birds.

Kind of surreal. Totally cool. Typical June morning sky, what we call June Gloom. I like early morning at the fair, and I admit it: I love June Gloom! It's not as though it's cold. Just remember, when planning a visit to S.D., if you want summer weather, book for July through October.

When the coast is overcast, it rarely lasts all day, and before long it's hot enough for ice cream, for riding across a blue sky, for the feeling that it is really summer at last, and not just the last days of spring.

Which reminds me, I need to get our chicas out of the garden beds, so I can get some tomatoes in. And beans, and squash, and basil, and peppers, and zinnias, and ...

and sheep. No. No sheep in the garden beds, but they would look so adorable somewhere in our yard. Maybe.

Or, maybe a llama? But. They spit. I know. So, no. No llamas.

If you ever played, then you know what I am thinking right now. The resemblance is uncanny. Only, Peaches is not green.

Cute. Has anyone read Charlotte's Web and not thought piglets are cute?

Yes! Yes! Yes!
(This will make my mother want to pick up the phone! Mom, I am so exhausted and overwhelmed with my full plate. There is no chance of me acting on this impulse. I promise. Honest. I ain't lying.)
Those floppy ears... sigh

They're cute, and a lot of fun too.
If only they had floppy ears.
Just kidding.

This reminds me... time to order straw bales. Alex wants to have a danger party. Somehow these are related. Should I be worried?

Maria, my farmer girl, you won't ever ask for throwing knives and Portal Cakes, will you? Although, the cake does look delicious and moist, so I guess I can deal.

We ate some fair fare, like an ice cream, and lemonade, a gyros sandwich... we saw cows, and sheep, and pigeons. We did not go on any rides though.

Wait. I take it back. I shelled out quarters for this mild mouse. Maria cracks up on this foot jiggler massage device. And she may not want a danger party when she turns seventeen, but I know she is going to insist on wilder rides than the foot massager. She had her heart set on riding the roller coaster, but was turned away because of her stature.

(insert sigh of relief)

I wonder how many quarters it would take to bring this stuffed chica home?

Yes, it was a good day. In fact, this is the only time I left thinking I look forward to next year. Maybe because I forgot to get roasted corn on the cob.


ArtyZen said...

Lovely fairground - like the idea of going very early in the June gloom. Glad you all enjoyed it and share your relief that our little ones are still a bit too small for the scary rides!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

But she LOVES the scary rides... more than any of us. It's hilarious, and scary. Other places she has been able to get on some pretty wild ones, and just when I think she will be overwhelmed, we find her laughing and begging for one more!

Kim said...

June Gloom!I forgot about that. We lived in Pacific Beach (or Barrio Lajolla as we liked to call it) for a couple years and experienced the June Gloom for real.

Cool fair! I never made it to the Del Mar fair, just the race tracks. :)
Maria is a beauty. I think you're going to have a lot more to worry about than funny cakes when she is 17!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Natalie!

Love love your photos! So happy your time at the fair was a wonderful one. Honey and I on last night took a drive up the coast. The lights from the fair were beautiful and inviting. We plan to visit before it closes. I love the animals the most, I've gotten just a little to old to ride all the wild rides, but certainly enjoy the rest!



Tracy said...

All the fun of the sweet! Thanks for taking us along, Natalie :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

judy in ky said...

I like roller coasters too, but not the new crazy ones that flip you upside down! Can not do the ferris wheel though... . That ride in the photo looks too scary! Your fair pics are great... love the animals.

Farmgirl Susan said...

What a fun day at the fair! I love the animal pics. :)