Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dum Thumbs

Depending on my iPhone for posting and tending to bloggness is proving to be a bit challenging. It is impressive how much can be accomplished, but it is slower, less familiar, and far less convenient.

Yesterday my thumbs really blew it: they were aiming for "publish" and they hit "delete.".

Judy in Kentucky, I lost your birthday
wish comment for Max. Sorry.

When I started blogging I never imagined it would become such a big part of my thoughts, so keenly pressing to my sense of responsibility. Readers' interest, keeping current, including things near and dear to me... it matters to me more than I... well, actually I do care to admit.

Darn thumbs.

In other news: I love Wisconsin, my cousin at the Bird House, Atwood Street Fair, Paul's guacamole, my new pie pan, and Your comments and feedback. Chcikenblog ( no matter how I spell it, is better with friends) so thank you, friends. And forgive my thumbs.


judy in ky said...

We forgive your thumbs, Natalie!

Emily Cole said...

I was surprised with the gorgeous geology in Wisconsin. I didn't know there were such cool rock formations.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Delete! OH MY!!!!

Mama Spark said...

HAHA, hey what app are you using to blog on your iPhone? I was trying to figure out which one to use.