Friday, August 05, 2011

BlogHer 2011*

Alternate title I ♥ Social Media

*Update: I went! I survived! I grew (emotionally?) And I wrote a guide for first timers!

Sitting in my pajamas, the house still quiet. I reflect on my destiny, my purpose, and the laundry. What should I do?  Who am I? Do I have clean underwear?

What is really on my mind is this: Should I go to the BlogHer Conference? I could only go one day. Today. I would have to find a safe house for the children, and also neglect vacation laundry etc...

Naturally I took this straight to FB, where all of our questions have answers!

Natalie's Status: the $150 question: should I go to Blogher? Today. In San Diego.

Rebekah: YES! Did I win ? ;)

Natalie: The cheese?

Rebekah: No, the $150? :D

Natalie: no wait... I get it.

Rebekah: AHAHAHA! Lolz, it's early... your brain is working at about the same speed as mine. ♥ love you

Natalie: that's how much admission is to the HUGEmongous blogging conference today...

Rebekah: OOOOH, why not? It's an investment. That and you're awesome and you should circulate your awesomeness

Natalie: "working" might be an exaggeration in my case

Rebekah: Tee Hee! I'm going back to bed, maybe I'll sleep even, go to the conference! See you tomorrow!

Natalie: but... but... but there will be beautiful people there, and all my chones are dirty, and I am afraid of seeing everything I am *not*
... whaaaaa!

Rebekah: Hold the phone! You're BEAUTIFUL, you can buy yourself some clean chones to feel extra sassy. Just see everything, don't worry about what you are or aren't. No crying, getta a cuppa and go out the door and shine like I know you do.

Natalie: You do win. ((((hugs))))... oops, I got a little moko on your shoulder, sorry, thank you... sniff

Anna Banana: plz go and take photos, then blog about BlogHer, you know you want to. I wd go with you, but don't like the $150 admission.

Natalie: what's to like? I was going to pretend my Time check covers it, but I already pretended it (partly) covered the cost of my camera... that's too much pretending for one little photo assignment...

The best part about taking our questions to FB, is that in addition to getting answers, you also get unsolicited affection and bolstering. Affection and bolstering = Bonus. But I still don't have clean clothes. And my slow typing has made the prospect of going even more daunting, because it is getting late.


I wonder if there are any conferences on slow typing, procrastination, or social anxiety.

8:12 am Update: I started laundry.
Searched for my Chickenblogger-ComicCon ensemble. Failed.
Put on my Dress.
Searched for my Chickenblogger-ComicCon ensemble. Failed.
Put on my shoes.
Searched for my Chickenblogger-ComicCon ensemble. Failed.
Checked FB, got more affection and bolstering. Smiled.
Brushed Maria's hair, got her dressed, fed her toast and jelly, with the butter very melted so you can't see it.
Checked email, suppressed urge to cry, because I lost a Chcikenblog follower. Questioned my point in struggling to go to an expensive conference about blogging, where I would possibly have fun, but also learn fifty ways that I am not doing it right, when I can stay home and figure that out for free.
Suppressed urge to cry, because I can't always get what I want, but I have more elaborate, self-deprecating rationals for why I am entitled to cry.
Realized I have no "business" cards, or laptop, or phone-blog apps, or swag, or marketing gimmick to promote Chickenblog.
Realized Geoff is amazing for offering to bring Maria to work. All day. Even during his 5 pm meeting.
Gave up. Cried. Blogged.

8:50 am Update: Geoff says, "If you don't go, I'll be really, really sad."
Then he kept repeating, "Go, go."
And I cried some more, because I already changed into my khakis and honey badger shirt, and I can't bear the thought of squeezing back into my I feel pretty dress. Also because I know that I really should be here tackling the list.

Won't it be great if I go, just as I am, and actually learn something, and the world doesn't stop spinning, and I come home wiser, and imbued* with something special?

9:07 am Update: He's going to have to make me go. What business do me and honey badger have at a conference for the real bloggers?

::WOW... Word of the Week: Imbue means : to permeate or influence as if by dyeing. Also: to get your nickel's worth at a big, fancy conference.


judy in ky said...

So, did you go? Personally, I would spend the $150 on a new "I feel pretty" dress! From what I have seen, most of the attendees are thirty years younger than I am, and I prefer to go places where I feel younger, not older.

Kim said...

I hope you went! Who cares what other people think? Anyway, if you've never been to BlogHer than how do you know it's not a place for people like you? I couldn't spare the $150 right now but if I could (and lived closer to SD) I think I'd go just to satisfy my curiosity. Although I'd be super nervous about what to wear too. :)

Irish Zan said...

Well? Did you go, huh, did ya? I hope you did because we're counting on you to report back in your unique writing style (read: FUN). If you thought it was worthwhile I might attend the SF conference next time around.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I satisfied my curiosity! I met women, and some men, of all ages, and many interests. Some of it was fabulous, some of it was humbling, and the food and goodies made it a break even prospect... not to mention the learning opportunities. I could not see a therapist all day for that price, and it was a therapeutic experience.