Saturday, August 13, 2011

In a Land Before Time

Adriana posted a picture on FB, and two seconds later I had my camera in hand and I was sounding the general alarm: Who's sleeping?! It's Kook time! Let's go! I had three takers. Not bad for a Saturday morning.

Suddenly I am nostalgic for Saturday mornings with my brothers, Bill and Hans, piled in our mom's bed waiting for Land of the Lost, when the Marshalls and Cha-Ka were about to be chased through caves by the Sleestak, and we did not want to miss one suspenseful-hilarious second.

The Kook is getting carried away this time!

Or the artist got carried away... we have a pretty good idea about some of the planning, and effort, that went into this epic Cardiff Kook prank. Seriously, epic. I love this community!

The city council got their feelings hurt after a recent Kook art attack poked fun at them for removing the Surfing Madonna, and there were advisories about the city cracking down on any new installations of artistic expression, like these Kook enhancements. I hope the rumors are false, because it would be a waste of money and energy to go after the community for being creative and having harmless fun. It's plain to see that the attention drawn is totally worthwhile and positive.

I wonder if the artists that began painting in their caves ever feared prosecution? Let's hope we can look forward to more installations of good spirited guerrilla art.


apburgon said...

How cool is that!!!

judy in ky said...

Up with guerrilla art!

Anonymous said...

The bar has been raised... Wow, I'm stunned.

test said...

I think this is amazing, and thank you for the photos, you do a great job in capturing the big and small moments in life.

warren said...

Ohhh! Thank you for reminding me of Land of the Lost! I loved that show!