Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A November Day

Between rain showers, we went on a small explore. Alex and Max were in search of trails to run, obstacles to scramble over. Maria and I came along to see what we could see. One thing we shared: a picnic. We ate sandwiches and fruit, under a shelter, and then we made for the trail.

A drop or two on my lens... but I could not put the camera away!

Finally I was seeing real Fall color, and in a park, out in the open. Up until now, I knew of three trees in color, and they were adjacent to the taco-drive-thru. I laughed over this, thinking of all the great articles and blogs about the changing season, the beauty of Autumn, and all I could come up with were three strip-mall curbside trees.

The sight of these trees made me feel so alive and connected to this amazing time of year, I wanted to capture it all. I was breathing deeply, and pointing my lens in every direction.

Still learning about photography, and too eager to *click,* I knew I wasn't exactly capturing the greatest examples of Fall photography. But I was content to make these simple memories... lovely memories.

Of course, when I got home and happened upon another blog... well, let's just say Kevin and Amanda's results are far more awe inspiring!

No regrets... some day I will be in Maine, or Georgia, Vermont, or Wisconsin, and I will have a bounty of Fall to inhale, and digitally preserve.

In the meantime, even a handful of trees and a whole lot of fallen leaves, is enough to give me a thrill.

The boys left on their hike, and Maria and I followed the trees.

Dashing between raindrops.

Swinging and climbing.

Maria thought the trail was too steep for her, but we decided to be brave, to take it easy, to see how far we could go... so we made our way to a trail head.

And we made it all the way to the top. Even through the scarier parts.

Autumn is yarn season. I made Maria an acorn inspired cap.

Maria and I traveled all over the Torrey sandstone bluffs. The trails are in disrepair, yet still inviting. We talked about getting lost, and not getting lost. We talked about clues. She found this nopal heart, and it became our trail marker, a clue.

Up and down the bluffs we made our way, and enjoyed the air and views. When we caught up with Max and Alex, it began to gently sprinkle. And by the time we were reaching the car the rain was coming down in earnest... and I finally did put the camera away. But in my heart, I still have the pictures... of the boys talking to each other, crossing the wide grassy field, and Maria, lingering by the duck pond, indifferent to the rain, breathing deeply the season.


Cheyenne -Millie said...

Walking in the rain is always lots of fun! Such lovely leaves! We love Fall leaves! The colors are always so pretty! I think I spy an Liquid Amber leaf! I really don't know trees, but we have one of those in our back yard!

And that sure is a cute acorn hat... oops! almost wrote cat!!

ArtyZen said...

I'm sure I always say 'gorgeous' when I leave a comment for you - and I'll say it again - GORGEOUS! I loved Maria's hat from the first glimpse - it looks perfect and acorny and is a beautiful colour. And she looks gorgeous in it. But for all the visual images, it was the word images of your boys talking to each other and the glimpse of Maria by the duck pond that captured my heart. I SO empathise with the feeling of really seeing, capturing the image (inside) of your own children - just so special. Glad you made it to the top too!!

Alison said...

Beautiful...words, pictures and thoughs.

Janece said...

I love this entire post and photos - and the heart cactus is incredible!

Love your view of the world, Natalie!

Have a great day, dear one!

Nicole Margaret DiMucci Potts said...

Yeah, I don't know what you are talking about when you say you aren't getting good enough pictures of Autumn- these photos are beautiful! I wish I lived somewhere the leaves change colors, here in Austin they just eventually turn brown before our trees are bare. Love Maria's hat- she always looks like she is having so much fun. I can't wait to have those times when my daughter grows up as well.

nikkipolani said...

Ohmygoodness, Natalie. You could send each one of these photos to the calender makers and be done. They are gorgeous.

And OF COURSE you can do three cats. You've mastered a multi-species household, one more cat would simply be the cherry on top, right? I have faith in you (and I'm missing dear little Ferris).

Jennifer said...

It *seems* to never fail that when I write you a long, juicy comment on a post it ends up getting zapped and disappearing in the process of trying to take it from the input box to your queue for approval (which is why I so often end up leaving you short, quippy comments). I'll try again on this one: whether or not you feel you have full control of your camera, or thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of photography, your photographs are stunning. My dad, who was a professional, used to say that being a great photographer is really only about whether or not you have a good eye. If you have an eye as good as yours, the finer ins and outs of the technology really aren't important. Plenty of people have the technical knowledge, but no ability to *see* artistically so their work lacks soul. Sure, continue learning and gaining the knowledge you would like to have, but don't doubt for a moment that you're already there -- you're already an amazing photographer.