Monday, November 07, 2011

All The Colors Around

Sometimes a story begins a long time ago, in the midst of another story, like a Barcelona adventure. When I was a Chicken Abroad and very out of sorts about jet lag, Euros, and being so far, far away... Delia and I stumbled upon a little shop that introduced me to the sensory delights of colored, carded wool batting. Mom and I could not get enough, and we bought enough wool to stuff into every gap and nook of our carry on bags.

We had no idea what for. All that wool. But we share a passion for colors. Beads, fabric, flowers, and wool.

It took more than two years, but Maria and I finally figured out one thing we could do with wool: make bracelets. So we made a couple of woolly bracelets. And we made more bracelets with Amira and Janice, and Suki made some dreads for her hair. I even rolled some felted balls, which was amusing, and then sort of addictive, then slightly obsessive... hahaha

Anyway. I love looking at Maria's creations, and this collection of woolen orbs of color, which feel really neat. And no, by the way, I have no idea what their higher purpose is, but I am ok with this. I love thinking about where this stuff came from, about my adventure with my Mom, and looking at what's come of this part of the journey, and marveling at the paths, the twists in turns in life, and where they bring us. Mom, we should go back, and get more wool. I now know what to do with it.

And now Soap. And S.U.D.S.
Gretchen, are you and Joanne still making soaps? I found one last bar of great smelling Apple Jack soap, and decided to add one more woolly tutorial to my skill set... felting a bar of soap. Still, have no idea what the ultimate and/or higher purpose of this activity is, but I can confirm that felting wool over luxurious, good smelling soap is quite pleasant. Maria and I were both delighting in the sudsy joy of wool and soap together.

It's woolly-groovy-wavy, colors all around soap.
I think it's going to feel nice while in the tub, on the feet, and elbows.

Questions: will the wool continue to shrink with the dwindling soap. After many uses will I have a funky little wool glob?

No tutorial addresses this practical line of questioning...

Of course, after rolling fifty little spherical wool confections, I can hardly be the sort who is too concerned with practical answers, now can I?


ArtyZen said...

Oh Natalie - these are so beautiful. And I find the idea of felting lovely soap irresistible - two of my favourite things joined together - yours looks gorgeous.

I inadvertently felted a scarf earlier this week - so this is very timely. I will try and do it on purpose in future and am now going to hunt out old and unwanted wool jumpers to felt. Maybe I could even make something useful - though the more I look at these felted balls, the more I want some of my own.

Kim said...

Beautiful colors! I love felting. We just made these acorn necklaces for party favors for Indigo's birthday last week. They turned out very cute.

All those felt balls would be perfect for this craft!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Annie... I went thrifting for wool sweaters, so I could felt them and make mittens... maybe your scarf can be repurposed?

Kim... fantastic! This weekend we are making a small trip to a park, where I am hoping-hoping-hoping we find acorns. Maria asked: "What's an acorn?" gah! I don't want to show her a picture. I want her to find real ones, then we can make some too... so excited!

You two, Annie and Kim, thank you for coming by. I love our chats.

ArtyZen said...

Natalie - it's like there's an undercurrent of felting going on all over the world and we're part of it. Look what one of the blogs I follow came up with today! How strange!
Saw them and thought of you. Ax

Anonymous said...

Those felt balls are beautiful! I think they would look great threaded a few inches apart and used as a garland for your Christmas tree or just for decorating! I would love to see a photo if you do :)