Saturday, November 05, 2011

Got Eggs

Quiche. Made it up. Just in case they like it, I did think about what I was doing, so maybe I can replicate it or tweak it. I figure, baking with enough cheese and eggs, anything will taste good, right? I sauteed leeks, and added spinach too. It's cold. It's November. It's Saturday. It's quiche time.

Four hens are laying these days. Every day is an egg hunt. One in the empty flower pot. Two in the enamel basin where the chicks sleep. One or two in the bedraggled remains of the tomato bed.

Hello, Zelda.
Thank you for the eggs. I baked a quiche. It's delicious.

Hello, Zoltar.
Thank you for the... for... thank you for being handsome, and a protector.

Yes, very handsome.

Of the six chicas hatched in August, I think at least three of them will be hens. Maybe? Hopefully.

And how many of them love me and trust me, and recognize me?
Answer: Not a stinkin' one. Ingrates. Dodos. Knuckleheads. Chickens.

But I love them.

Homer loves them too. Roasted, broiled, bbq'd. Homer loves c.h.i.c.k.e.n. And he even understands when you spell it out loud.

Back to the quiche. Geoff says "Write the recipe down." We have a winner.


nikkipolani said...

That is one smashing portrait of Zoltar! He is brilliant!

I agree -- eggs + cheese + something from the onion family = YUM. Well done, you.

Janece said...

The chicks have gotten so big! Our pet store in our neighbhorhood has two chicks (now hens) still that never sold. I'm not sure if they are keeping them or what. They love to make a ruckus when visitors come in.

And Homer! Homer has such a cute face. Why are the cute ones so often troublemakers? ;)

And Zoltar - Amira says: "He's a bossy guy!" ;)

Last, but not least, that quiche - looks divine!

Jo James said...

That looks so yummy! And your rooster really is a handsome fellow (although, truth be told, I could live without ever knowing another rooster in my life).
You have some mighty lucky chickens :)

Alison said...

You're right, with enough eggs and cheese, it's bound to be good. You don't need a recipe, just proportions. Then you add the Good Stuff--leeks, spinach, roasted red pepper, maybe some c.h.i.c.k.e.n?

So do you not have nest boxes for your chicas, or are they just flighty that way? I'm thinking the lack of friendliness on the part of the new chicks might make it easier to dispatch the roosters for (how about some bbq chicken quiche?) dinner.

Miriam said...

The diversity of your happy chicken flock could be an inspiration to all of us! If they can get along, why can't we?!

d.a. said...

"And how many of them love me and trust me, and recognize me? Answer: Not a stinkin' one."

It'll be worse WRT the new chicks - since their mommas raised them, they'll be half-feral anyways. I've two half-grown chicks who think I'm the devil incarnate. If I want to nab them for whatever reason, I gotta wait until night-time.

Irish Zan said...

More animal posts! My favorite!

ArtyZen said...

I am sure that delicious looking quiche tastes more delicious than any other because you know the eggs - you can thank the layers of them. It's a personal quiche. And even better that it's your own recipe too. Chickenblog quiche.
The hens, chicks and cockerels are magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! What lovely girls they are. and of course Zoltar is uber handsome! One day I will have chickens!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Hello, all!
Zoltar says *good morning* too.
Those crazy birds are no doubt ready to escape the coop, so they can ignore their nest box, hide some eggs, and then stand in the rain and get really pathetic looking.

They find their peace, despite their differences... and sadly their peace includes avoiding me. Except for Zoltar, who dutifully and vigorously pecks at my shoe. He is easy to catch and then he succumbs to my affection.

I hope each of you is enjoying your own idea of a beautiful day.

test said...

Just remembered I need to get some eggs for the Rosie's cafe this morning.
Thanks Natalie

Anonymous said...

I never realized how dazzlingly beautiful Zoltar is, I think because I'm usually running terrified in the opposite direction.

Nice quiche, by the way.


Linda said...

Natalie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know if you have any trouble with the "Felt Deer" pattern and I will try to explain. Love the pictures of your chickens--that rooster is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. I love a good quiche. I have never added leeks, and after reading this i think this could be a requirement very soon. Also, stumbling across your blog has confirmed my secret desire to raise chickens in the future is more than just a curiosity but an actual dream.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

My my but Zoltar truly is one handsome rooster. Plus he has such a fantastic name. ;-)

Hmm, how hard is it make a quiche?

Kara said...

Zoltar! His loveliness akes me so jealous that I don't have a rooster....