Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Carried Away

I may not be here tomorrow.
I may get blown off course.
Or perhaps
on course.

I am carried away by the wind, and a mood
and a terribly
attractive thing called...
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From East
that Wind has returned.
The leaves drop,
I Pin snow covered barns, cozy nooks, crochet edged pillowcases.
All dreamy
all order and ideal.

My nightcap: blanket stitching a fat quarter.

Then slipping thread over hook...

I am carried away
by the wind
to Pinterest.
To daydreaming, blog hopping.
To wishful thinking and sighing deeply over glimpses of alternate realities, and other seemingly endless possibilities.

And until I can build my tree house, and make a laundry room look like a four star hotel suite, I will be teaching myself how to crochet edge a fat quarter with red cotton perle.

Lifted from NorCal Katie's Pinterest Board:

I am, always, adjusting my sails.


Janece said...

That's a beautiful red, Natalie!

It's hard to imagine a Santa Ana right now - we are in the upper 30s... thankfully with sun today. Tomorrow, I hear the rain will be arriving to stay for a while. Making plans to escape into the sun this afternoon with my curly headed wonder.

I'm afraid of Pinterest - I can feel the seduction lure. ;)

I do love strolling through your images!! The 'I want to go to there...' photos especially captured my imagination today. Oh... and 'For Our Bird House' - magical!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Be Afraid!
Be very afraid.
It's like eyeball cr@ck... seductive, addictive, disorienting, and wonderful.
I hope you find real sun and warmth and lots of good stuff to soak up and bank for the months ahead!

judy in ky said...

Gotta go adjust my sails!

Unknown said...

Lovely images! I, too, fear the lure of Pinterest...I wonder, should I dare search for chicken images??? Or will I become addicted and miss getting the kiddos off the school bus? Hmmm...

Visty said...

Oh this is perfect for today for me.

Anonymous said...

Me too! How important to remember. Thanks!