Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October 32nd... The Second Day of Halloween

Happy Halloween II!

Actually, I hadn't counted on posting all five days of The Five Days of Halloween. I am so ready to shift gears and embrace the new month, and a new focus. I love OctoberNovemberDecember... it is my favorite time of the year, and I am all excited for the days ahead.

But first, a little reflection, because our Halloween has been too creepy and creative and full to skip over.

The fashion blogs always detail ensembles, top to bottom.

Hat: St. Vinnie's, Willy Street, Madison Wisconsin
Dress: Passed to us by Aunt Holly
Boots: Target
Wool bracelets: home made
Crows: craft store
Fangs: dime store

As soon as our Bird House was decorated with The Birds, for Halloween, Maria decided every last detail of her Halloween costume. And she loved to breathlessly describe it to anyone. Fast, and lilting, with her hands motioning, she would explain, "I'm going to have a fancy white hat, fancy white dress and crows all over. And scary teeth." And if you did not pay very close attention you would not understand a bit of it. But she understood exactly what she had in mind.

It was actually rather sophisticated, and truly unique. And, creepy... until she smiled, or spoke with those silly fangs in her mouth.

Before trick-or-treating, before closing the doors, or leaving the house... if you have kitties, especially black kitties it is a good idea to get them safely inside. None of us could have any peace of mind until all of our family was safely accounted for. And naturally a kitty pursued and begged, is a kitty aloof and uncooperative.

Chango turned his back on the crow ghost and the plague doctor.

And he led them all over the yard. Sun setting, fog rolling in, and precious trick-or-treat minutes ticking away...

In the end, it was a Happy Halloween after all, and everyone made it home safe and happy. Treats were shared, and memories recounted.


Irish American Mom said...

I found your blog through The Pioneer Woman. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween. I agree with you about this time of year. October/November/December are my favorites also. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

Alison said...

Tell Maria this stranger in NC lurrves her costume. I envy her inspiration!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh, hello, Irish American Mom! Welcome to Chickenblog. Our Halloween has been a long and fun celebration. It's nice to meet you, and I hope you will return.

Flartus, she will be delighted to know her inspiration reached far and wide. Happy November, friend.

test said...

Looks like Halloween was a very creative time for all of you, I am sorry the hounded house did not come of, something to look forward to for next year.
We love you guys so much, and miss you.

judy in ky said...

She looks adorable in that dress and hat! I love the black cat's eyes shining in that one photo.

Anonymous said...

Love Maria's whole ensemble. It's so beautiful in a creepy sort of way. Max's plague doctor is very cool, too.