Thursday, December 29, 2011

At Home With Living Lights Project

Yesterday's post, Holiday Snap-shots, included a home, lit up like the ultimate holiday wonderland. A true extravaganza! You cannot hear the music, or see the lights moving, pulsing, on and off in time to the tunes. You cannot see the double barreled fog machine, or the laser display. And one more thing you might be missing from this picture: this is not our house.

I am flattered, thank you very much. Our house is the one with a burnt out porch light. This is the home where the Living Lights Project lit up the town with ingenious ingenuity and industry, for a cause of gracious generosity. (I have a weakness for alliteration)

Please, visit Kevin's website for Living Lights Project, and watch the videos. The grand finale is spectacular.

You may recall, Kevin is a member, and former build president, of FIRST 2102 Team Paradox. Now he's a full time engineering major, running his own business, and putting this charity event together in his free time. It takes help, and he gets a lot of volunteers, many from the team, and of course from his own family... which, in the nature of robotics, is one and the same.

Maria and Andrea

It's so much fun seeing the light show. I should have gone twice. Once to see it, and one more time to believe what I saw! Kevin's work, what they all accomplish, is so slick and innovative, so dazzling... it is truly top notch. An added bonus is meeting up with familiar faces, dear friends, fellow teammates. Andrea, home from school, and pitching in, helped Maria to some hot chocolate. Our former marketing president is always spirited, and eager to contribute to a good cause.

Well, Living Lights Project made an excellent show, and for a good cause. And now you know the truth... it's not our house, but it is dear to our hearts. Maybe next year you can go and see it, too!

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Cheyenne -Millie said...

I am sorry you have a burned out porch light! Oh well! Think of the big electric bill that your NOT going to have!!