Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Snap-Shots

:: Speculoos! ::
:: Cousins ::
:: Wrapping ::
::Living Lights Project::
:: Cold mornings, warm smiles ::
:: Laughing ::
:: Sharing ::
:: Family ::
:: Benjamin Franklin ::
:: Perfect gifts ::
:: Bouncing ::
:: Gratitude ::

A very small sampling of what made our holidays memorable.


ArtyZen said...

Just lovely to see you all (well, except you!)enjoying time together. Great photos, Natalie. See you in the New Year - all the best and thank you for blogging! Annie xxxxx

Alison said...

Fun! Loving all the authentic morning hair...even better than Ben Hair. :) I also love the ecstatic look on Maria's face as she opens a gift. Yay!!

Alicia P. said...

Oh, it looks so nice there!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

I love the picture of your house all lit with Christmas lights!

I hope that bad cat stays away from your chickens!

judy in ky said...

So much fun in these beautiful pics... their personalities shine through!