Friday, December 23, 2011

Midnight In The Bird House

Lisa, Maria, Erika, Darrahl

Matt was still in Pennsylvania when we had last week's movie night. So, in his honor, we let Matt make a movie choice for this week's movie night. And that, dear friends, is how the Bird House came to have a double feature of Midnight in Paris, and Men In Black.

The other detail to make the evening special?
Isaac cooked!
Who remembers last year and Isaac's handmade ramen?

It was about an hour before guests were due to arrive, when William and I were talking about food, about how I completely forgot to make dinner plans. The Santa Ana winds were blowing biting cold air, and I suddenly craved soup. I said, "Darn. I wish I had thought to make some of that minestrone soup. A blustery day like this calls for soup!" And then. The phone rang. Even without caller id, I'd know that sweet voice anywhere. It was Isaac, calling to ask of he could try a new soup recipe out, in the Bird House kitchen?

Cook? Food? In our kitchen? Feed us?

Yes! Yes, please, Isaac!

He made himself very busy, enlisting help as he went, and before long we were all favored with big bowls of vibrant green broccoli soup, with walnuts, and honeyed goat cheese. Yes, honey infused goat cheese! <--- that was my favorite part.
Hey, Nick! Hey, Matt!

Check me out: I baked croissants, and made extra rich European style hot chocolate. Get it? Midnight in Paris? I thought it was very thematic and hostess-y of me.

Lisa, Maria, Annie, Erika, and the dreidel.

I knew about "Nun, Gimmel, Hei, and Shin," but I did not know they form an acronym for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham – "a great miracle happened there."

Maybe Erika knows who the big winner was? I think everyone came out ahead... happy!

Nick was noting Hazel's fierce and natural, realistic features. Matt told us about the Pennsylvania Screaming Squirrel. Apparently they wake unsuspecting Californians with a sudden, wicked scream, staring menacingly at their victim. Intense.

Bonsoir, Maria!

She even has a classy French manicure, thanks to a birthday gift from Aunt Gretchen.

On ukulele-drum, we have James!

Now this. This is inspiring me to host a whole new party theme: Band Night. An early Christmas present arrived for Suki, and to welcome her banjolele into the fold, James, Grant, Eli, and Lisa brought out musical instruments, and a concert in the Bird House entry took form.

On kalimba, we are happy to introduce Grant!

Warming up and tuning her banjolele, Suki!

The newest member of the house band, on recorder, Lisa!

Eli alternated between autoharp, and a Chinese gourd flute!

I love movie night. I love our friends. I love the hum and the buzz of warm company and laughter. I love this holiday season with old traditions, and new traditions taking shape. I love that Matt went all over town, did not give up or surrender, and finally successfully procured a copy of Men in Black! I love that Geoff came home in time to see the best parts of Midnight in Paris, and that without having to go to work today, he could stay up late for the second feature. I love hot chocolate and croissants. I love that someone arrived this morning, and offered to clean up...

Brave, brave!
Brave Sir Robin!
Thank you.
Just start with those dishes, and when you're done, I'll show you the laundry room.


Alison said...

Poor, poor Sir Robin. He looks like he'd rather go on a hunt for some shrubberies to line the garden path. Wouldn't we all?

judy in ky said...

Everyone at your house has so much fun... except poor Sir Robin, that is! We all need a knight to clean up for us.

d.a. said...

No food photos??? I want to see that soup! :-D

Happy holidays!

test said...

I should not have read this to Patricia, now she is hungry and it is still 45 minutes to dinner.