Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sir Robin Sends Word...

Bravely, Sir Robin sent word that before coming here, to the Bird House, he is stopping by to see the Living Lights Project! He wants everyone to know about the fun and creative endeavor SDA students and alumni have undertaken in order to raise money for The Community Resource Center. This is a musical light show, well worth the visit, and worthy of our charitable contributions...

"Living Lights Project is a holiday light show raising money for our charity, The Community Resource Center of Encinitas. We take holiday lighting to the next year by synchronizing thousands of holiday lights and decorations to the beat of both classic holiday tunes, and modern music. Our first year was the 2010 holiday season, and we intend for our show to continue every year, and to continue to grow.

The show is run by converting standard Christmas lights to a computerized flashing and changing lighting sequence. We use hardware made by Light-O-Rama, controlling 96 channels of lights. In addition we also use DMX interfaces for some of our more impressive effects including strobe lights, and new this effects.

December 18th - 24th
6:00PM, 6:30PM, 7:00PM, 7:30PM"

Thank you, Sir Robin. And please, be careful out there! Avoid bridges near volcanoes, and outdoor fire rings.

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