Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Picture Us

I love it when lessons, cosmic messages, replay. When there is something the universe insists I figure out, and I find reminders incessantly tapping at my shoulder, vying for my full attention. It amuses me. It surprises me.

A month ago, Gretchen insisted the only gift she wanted from us was a family portrait. The last picture she had from our family was one taken in her backyard, when Maria was an infant. Uh, that would be seven years ago. I found one that seemed more up to date, until I realized that December 2008 is hardly up-to-date.

So, yes. Gretchen is right. It's time for us to get family pictures taken. I kept thinking about it during the break too... family picture, real portrait, everyone, clean, shiny, family picture, do it, do it! But we did not do it.

Last night, the eve of back to school, Maria brought me her homework packet and showed me how diligently and dutifully she had completed her assignments... all but one: she had to include a photograph of her family! I was dressed as mother frump, Geoff was not home from work, Alex was immersed in AP Studio art, Max, was reading, William was saving the world through PS3... a family photograph seemed impossible. Then Geoff came through the front door, Maria and I rallied the brothers, Suki took my pocket camera, because I cannot find the battery charger for my big-black-beautiful Canon... and tada!

It is us!

Gretchen, I am sorry. I promise: we will brush our teeth, coordinate our colors, find natural light and a lovely backdrop, and then we will sit, or stand together, and be photographed. And I will muster all of my (sorely lacking) initiative and actually have prints made, and I will give you the pick of the litter, so to speak. Furthermore, this shall transpire before... uh... before next Christmas. Promising anything, any sooner, would be a lie, but I hope to surprise both of us by doing this before February. I hope.

In fact, I am even inspired to make a regular habit of taking family portraits, like they do at fourteen thousand days. Yes...


  1. Beautiful family! And I like how "real" that portrait is too. Happy New Year! (You don't look frumpy)

  2. Oh! I want one! Pretty, please? I want it in our home! I'll take the other one when you get it... but I love this one. Look at those faces!! LOVE!

  3. I love this one! I can't imagine one any better. This is family at its best, all natural and smiling. I think Gretchen will cherish it. And you look beautiful!

  4. That's a great pic! You folks are so naturally enjoyable to see!

  5. Another resounding vote for the perfection of THIS portrait!

  6. Yay!! You started!! And you are all so adorable!


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