Friday, January 06, 2012

The Year is Actually 2102!!!

No, not 2012.
This is the year of 2102! FIRST 2102 Team Paradox Robotics!
And everyone is getting ready for Kick-off!!

Welcome to the eve of a new season of FIRST robotics!


Alison said...

Oh, sure, while the rest of you are sitting down to three-story nachos, poor Sir Robin is about to be pierced by a drill. Watch out, Sir!

judy in ky said...

Wow, I've lived to be over 150 years old!

judy in ky said...

Oh, and Sir Robin doesn't look a day over 100!

(I think his retro outfit might be right in style again in 2102.)

Visty said...

Brave brave brave brave Sir Robin!