Monday, January 09, 2012

Support the Arts

New Arts Alive banners will be hanging from posts around town, soon. Suki's robot (number 63) already sold at auction. This year's banner is not of a robot, but it's just as imaginative.

I think whichever schools are vying for the favor of her attending, they should definitely be offering full scholarships. Have I mentioned she composes and sings? I've been listening to her CD all week. She is a writer, musician, and a knowledgeable oceanographer. She dazzles me with her sweet skills and perseverance.

Yeah. Geoff and I really do want the best for these college bound residents, but we are strongly considering hacking their grades, so they fail high school, and stay here... we aren't ready to let go. We have a problem.


warren said...

It'll be ok momma...just make them attend school in your hometown!

Yeah well, maybe not, but they may come back once the graduate...esp if you promise fresh-baked cookies every week!

Anonymous said...

Suki's talented, no question. So is Natalie!