Friday, May 25, 2012

Chalking It Up

A long, long, time ago I bought a can of chalk board paint. Seemed like a miraculous product...turn a surface into a chalk board? Super! Trouble was, I didn't own any surfaces I could chalk up, and we moved lots, and the can of miraculousness just kept getting packed and stored.

Geoff brought home a fresh, new can of miraculous chalk board paint. These days there are recipes for making your own... anyone who has combed the depths of Pinterest knows this! But I love the can Geoff gave me, and the ease of just popping it open, then voila! It's had more than three days to cure, and today I decided to follow the last step, by conditioning the board.

I loaded the surface with chalk. The board is kind of bumpy. No matter.

When I bring Maria home, and she asks, "Is there anything special today? Are we doing anything fun?" I can say, Yes!

I'll tell her, I counted the number of days 'til we are out of school, and then I will tell her I wrote the number on a special board. She may guess where.

She may guess that the barn doors are ready to be drawn on. I know she'll think that is pretty special.

Hmmmm... those two panels on the bottom look a bit plain...

I think I can fix that.


Anonymous said...

I love dutch doors. And the chalkboard point is a very clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Love it!
Oh, and sorry to be late, but Happy Blogaversary! I don't comment very often, but you are on my "Top Sites" page. I so enjoy reading about your family and zest for life.
Here's to many more years!

test said...

This looks great, now I am just thinking of a way to secure the wings to the barn.

aka Jules said...

I want to come chalk with Maria today!!! :) I too have this paint in the garage.. and the surface I intend to paint.... and the brush.... and the time to do it while he naps... I just can't remember where I put that darn motivation!

Jennifer said...

Perfection, absolutely. I'll love watching for the evolving messages there, from here, and I think those lower panels do indeed need in on the fun!

ArtyZen said...

Just what that gorgeous barn needed - there was me thinking it was perfect already, but you always know better. I think Maria will be pretty happy with this. Axxx

nikkipolani said...

Wait... did I miss the unveiling of your magnificent barn??