Tuesday, May 15, 2012

**Star Student**

Maria is the Star Student, this week, at school. This is an occasion that she has been eagerly anticipating since August; her turn to make a poster about her life, and to stand first in line, to bring home the stuffed dog they call Pal, and to write about her weekend in the class journal. So, from the last bell, Friday afternoon, until this morning, she has been a very busy star.
She chose photographs to print for the poster. She cut them out, glued them down. I typed her captions for her. As excited as she was about this finally being her turn, she did at one point sigh deeply and declare, "This is not good timing. I have Maker Faire to get ready for, and I am trying to get everything done for Mother's Day." Yeah, only seven, and already managing very full agendas!
She cut out all the captions, and glued those down too. Once we saw some of the highlights of her life laid out on display, we were all impressed with what a full and exciting life she has been enjoying!
The part she was most eager to complete were the drawings. She wanted to illustrate her favorite interests and activities, like road trips! This makes me really happy, because I have loved traveling with our family. We've made some really great trips together.
"I like to draw! I add detail to my pictures and lots of colors!"
I like to do math. It is fun!"

Awesome. I see all of this, and feel so happy for her, for all of us.
"Reading is fun to! And I like to write! I do all kinds of things!"
It's true. She does do all kinds of things! And it is so cool that she thinks of more things that she wants to try. She doesn't get too easily discouraged, and she really enjoys the journey, learning and sharing experiences as she goes. She's an inspiration, to me.
I'd love to be there, when she shares her poster. She is hoping her classmates will have lots of questions!
One question I keep asking, how did we get so lucky, to have this special girl in our lives?


test said...

What a live story, how old did you say you were?
Great work Maria we love it.

Alison said...

You know, I was asking myself the same question. If ever you grow tired of having a Chicken-y blog, you should consider a Maria-y one. Because I sense she is one to keep an eye on!

valleycampdurango said...

what a darling girl! we do the same thing at our school and della was so 'on it' and then she was so MAD because on her day to share it all, her beloved teacher was gone and the substitute was 'no good'!

what a delightful age and a lovely girl you have! and she's so lucky to have you!

Jennifer said...

She's dazzling.

Janece said...

What did you do to have such a special girl? Oh, that's easy. All you had to be was the special father, mother and brothers that you are!... like attracts like and you are all matching peas in a pod. Beautiful, brilliant, creative, loving, curious and full of life are just a few o the apropos adjectives for the VanValks. You are all blessed to have each other and we all are blessed to know you!

Miriam said...

And how did WE get so lucky, that you are willing to share this marvellous girl with us?!

nikkipolani said...

I'm so impressed with Maria's neat handwriting and careful attention to detail. But I have to say I'm not at all surprised that she's as wonderful as she is -- she's got this fantastic family to nurture her creativity every step of the way.

Kim said...

You are lucky to have a girl like Maria! Her poster looks awesome. I especially love the part where she "likes to do math. It is fun" She's amazing!

judy in ky said...

She does lead a full and exciting life... as you all do. She is indeed a star!

Anonymous said...

She just makes my heart melt. Tutu