Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Free Range Pumpkins and Eggs

Here is our free range pumpkin vine, growing up vigorously and voluntarily. This is about the spot where the children practiced their archery, aiming for rotting Halloween pumpkins perched on straw bales. Now we have five big pumpkins, and a few new blossoms, too. I love it when the compost piles make better garden beds than the ones I lovingly tend.

And this is our old, original rabbit hutch. We've moved this home around... from Neptune, to El Rancho, to the Tree House, over to Garage Mahal, and now here, our Bird House.
It's mostly housed bunnies, but Weazie stayed in there for a time, too. After Sanka moved into her deluxe loft, it sat vacant for a time. Are you wondering what it's doing now? I'll tell you...

Sanka's loft was moved to one side of the barn. The chica's shark cage is on the other side of the barn, next to the pen and shelter where Ada and Tasha Goat reside.
Well, the whole barn area is developing quite nicely, very farmly, and quaint. And the old bunny hutch looked lonesome and forlorn without Sanka, or Weazie, or dear Joe. I hauled it over, set it amongst the pumpkins and beside Sanka's loft. Then I waited a while... for an idea to make itself known. The chicas still like to play hide-eggo-seek and I wondered if they wouldn't appreciate a quiet, sheltered, nesty spot to set a spell and lay. I opened the wire doors, folding them back, so they were out of the way, making a welcome entry. I grabbed the shipping box that held a vise Geoff ordered, to make a step-up for the little hens, then I filled the hutch with straw!

And... voila! They do appreciate a nesty and sheltered spot for setting and laying!

Oh gosh... this farm has come a long way. Moves, and landlords, packing, foregoing, making do... it wasn't easy, or pretty. But this is today, and we have big pumpkins growing under a nest box, outside our own dear barn... and it's all like a wonderful soul healing balm... oh, so soothing and good.

Hello, Zoe, little hen.

Ahead: a pasture fence, where chicas and goats can forage and frolic together, safe from predators, and away from my garden and avocado trees! Geoff still talks about big, fat hens. I am enjoying walking the goats on leashes, and calling the hens from the four corners of the yard, for a treat, and amusement.

But what about the barn? Yes... it's time to show the barn, all finished mostly finished, and totally adored. Will you be around tomorrow? I am going to take some pictures... and share them here.

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warren said...

My volunteer vines always seem to make gourds or junk...never much interesting like pumpkin...can't wait to see how they turn out!