Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bon Voyage!

We told Brave Sir Robin about Jimmy and Taya's big tour of the USA... two months with their dog, in a Sunshine Yellow VW Van... lucky! We think it's grand, and we're very excited for our new neighbors, but Sir Robin is a worrier, by nature, and he wanted to be sure they were prepared for their quest.

What did you pack for them, Sir Robin?

A candle? Nice. Good for romance, as well as blackouts.
Band-aids? Practical. We hope they won't need any.
Mustaches? Seriously? Oh, for putting on a brave front? I see.
Safety pins? Wha-... ? Oh, for safety, yes. Of course.
And a Kiss, to share... well, that is romantic. You are brave and chivalrous, Sir Robin.

Sir Robin, is that your own dear Chicken? Are you really going to let your Chicken travel around the country in a Sunshine Yellow Van, without you? She'll have lots to tell you when she returns, maybe she'll send pictures, write if she gets work.

Thumbs up to you too, Brave, thoughtful Sir Robin.


Alison said...

Oh look, you've written a Pip-Pip poem! :-)

judy in ky said...

Chicken looks excited to begin an adventure! Sir Robin's expression always makes me think of Mr. Bill.

Janece said...

Ah, lucky Jimmy & Taya to get such a warm send-off by Sir Robin!