Monday, July 30, 2012

That Chick

I want to be this chick.

Yesterday, this Chick left town in a Sunshine Yellow VW Van, on a cross-country adventure. With apologies to Jimmy and Taya, because technically she was imposed on them, as a gift. So, she's more of a stowaway than a welcome guest. Whatever. She's super stoked. Look at her expression. She always looks this happy, this eager to just go for it. What a Chick!

Before she left, I took this picture of her in our *ahem* art gallery. Basically, just a test shot... to see how she reacted to the limelight, to the hot glare of the paparazzi. Just kidding. But you knew that, didn't you? About the "kidding." Because, honestly, who writes about rubber chickens, and assigns them personalities, and tests their photogenicabilityness? Seriously.

Yeah. Great. Probably at this point you're wondering if there is really any point at all to this post. Which is a fair question. I don't mind that this may have crossed your mind. I share your concern.

Or maybe it's not "concern" I am feeling. It may be something more akin to embarrassment, because, I may not actually have a point to make, in which case I find myself publishing a blog post all about relating to a rubber chicken, even going so far as to envy her semi-fictitous life.

Whatever. At least she's super stoked. Just look at her expression!


Janece said...

photogenicabilityness! Best word ever!!! ;)

Commercial refrigeration installation in Bergen said...

photogenicabilityness :d Lmao!

judy in ky said...

I recognize that expression... that's how I look when I'm going to Hawaii.

Cindy Brick said...

Hey, have your friends stop by, if they're headed to the Denver, CO area. She can get her picture taken with our Black Australorps!