Monday, July 09, 2012

Hot Chocolate With Our Fab Four

Some of our ~what to do for our anniversary~ ideas were pure daydreams, and others were long term plans. What the weekend actually came down to was little forays into favorite spots, a long and happily anticipated trip to the theater... when we came home from seeing Moonrise Kingdom we wanted to watch Moonrise Kingdom, again. I am listening to the soundtrack. Love.

We even made our way to Pasadena, to one front porch, and then to Aunt Becky's front porch, and home again, before dark. It was such a treat to visit family, to laugh and hold each other.

Saturday night we turned up the music, danced on the porch, and had a delicious, semi-catered dinner, thanks to my cousins. They make such delicious rice, beans, salsa, ceviche. The tortillas were fresh, hot, good. There was cilantro, conchas, Mexican Cokes, carne asada. It was the kind of summer weather and atmosphere that make the birds sing, and worries evaporate. I can't help remarking on this... it was too nice not to notice, and feel glad.

Hardly anything was planned... nothing was overly thought out. We just kept enjoying things, like walking the goats, skateboarding, even sorting the laundry, reading aloud, talking, measuring the yard for a chicken run, falling asleep on the lawn! Yet, somehow, after three days, I feel like we are just returned from a honeymoon.

Maria got a long, not-so-bad scratch, but no band-aid covered it properly. Just didn't want to startle anyone noticing her first-aid.

When we worked on our wedding vows, we asked our minister to include children... our desire to have children, to honor and cherish them, as much as each other. I'm glad we did that.

Ah, well, I see there are a lot of personal thoughts, emotions, details in a post about a happy celebration of weddedness, and I apologize for any TMI-ness. *blush* On the other hand, Maria reads Chickenblog now, and I rather like her to know that I loved this weekend, our family time, our laughter, and that Geoff and I are so very happy to be married.


Anonymous said...

love this, and sending love filled wishes of many years more together.


ArtyZen said...

I think we all know you two were made for each other and then went on to make some wonderful children. All respect for you all. Axxx

Jennifer said...

completely wonderful and meant to be -- in every sense of it

judy in ky said...

Happy Anniversary... I think you lead a charmed (charming) life!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful family you've built together...and it all started with you two falling in love. I love the TMI mushy stuff :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, friends.
And ((hugs)) all around.