Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday Was...

Is your summer whizzing by?

Our summer is... not only are we in July, but we're about wrapping up the second week of July! How is this even possible? Just to make things feel even more advanced, Comic-Con begins today! We didn't get tickets: It's out of hand, the crowds, the mad scramble for passes. Sigh.

Alex went for a walk, late yesterday afternoon. When he called me, he had stumbled upon the new farmer's market, down by the train station, Come check this out, he implored. Max and Maria, and I hopped in our trusty marshmallow van, and arrived at a wondrous sight... a carnival of tents, downtown, live music, smiling faces, and tables laden with fresh produce, breads, honeys, chips and salsas, flowers.

We brought home some chunky-rustic pestos, avocados, peas, strawberries, and two half pints of vegan, soy-free gelato... coconut-caramel-banana, and blood orange! We also learned where we can find local honey, and Max wants to come back when the fish monger has clams.

The market pesto, together with our garden tomatoes and carrots, some pasta, and a little cheese... and we had an easy, cool-crisp summer dinner.

Sanka enjoyed grass gone to seed salad, seasoned with carrot tops.

The Flopsy bunny, exploring and delighted to share in our dinner, too.

Here is Max. Can you guess where he is? He is aloft. It's funny, because it is punny. He is putting together the loft we decided to add to the barn. It is nearly impassible to get into,
it's three feet wide, and runs the length of the Barn... almost fifteen feet. Watch your head!

I'm sure you can see the potential for storage, up there... a box or two, some sleeping bags, maybe some suitcases. But would you ever consider sleeping up there?! I just peeked in the Barn... Max and James slept aloft, William took the bunk, Alex slept on the cot, and Maria had the nap mat! Max peered down at me, and gave me a drowsy thumb-up.

The leaves are fading, getting the mildew that comes in this coastal environ, and the pumpkins are turning that marvelous shade of here comes fall!

The roses are blooming, and it's hard to say whether it is because of the goats or in spite of them. They ate all the dead leaves, the rust covered leaves, the debris on the ground, and that was awesome. Now I have to keep them off the tender new growth. The roses aren't meant to be 'tree-roses,' but the goats are enthusiastic pruners.

Oh. Hello, Betty.

White. Cotton. Embroidery. Drying on the line. I like.

It was a nice evening for being outdoors, for getting things done. Well, technically Max is not outdoors, but the Barn, with the doors wide open, feels very connected with the open air and garden. I watered our sunflowers, picked more tomatoes, fed the critters, and tucked everyone in.

Finish your snack, goats, chickens. It's almost time for night-night.

Look at Ada's tail... how it's split, and curls back on itself. It looks like an open heart.

William, and Chango, and the cool of the evening.

We could see Max, working by lantern light, in the loft. Outside, James and Alex were building a nice fire.

Hello, James.

Hello Grant, and Suki. They squeezed in a quick visit, before heading back into their costume workshop, where they are assembling and constructing their alter egos, and Comical personas for Comic-Con.

Eventually, Geoff came home, which is always a happy event. Soon there was tooth brushing, all the usual sort of settling in activities, and then the day was done.

Wednesday was busy, and quiet, warm, then cool, simple, satisfying. Wednesday was good.

Thursday! Already? What goodness is in store for You, today?


judy in ky said...

I love all of your beautiful critters! I love how you do summer. It's been too hot here to be outside much, so I love seeing your photos.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

It is always so much fun to look down from up high! Kind of like us cats!!

Mom here! Hey! Really! When I was a kid me and my brother used to hang out in the top shelves of the built in cupboards for hours! We could never sit up straight, but that didn't matter!

nikkipolani said...

Everything about this post speaks of summer to me -- how leisurely your days together seem.

warren said...

"Is your summer whizzing by?"

YES! Please slow down!!!